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New Concessionaire Contract Leads to Slight Increase in Prices for Sedona Recreation Sites

Visitors of Sedona Recreation Sites in Arizona, can expect slightly higher fees at concessionaire-managed Coconino National Forest day-use sites and campgrounds, following the selection of ExplorUS as the new contract holder. 

The price for day-use sites has increased to $12 per vehicle, while campground fees now range from $24 to $30 per night. Group campground fees range from $95 to $175 per night, with Crescent Moon Picnic Site Group fees now at $160 and Crescent Moon wedding services at $100.

In addition to these changes, the Beaver Creek Day Use Picnic Site has now been added to the Red Rock Ranger District’s (RRRD) list of concessionaire-managed fee sites. 

However, RRD visitors can still purchase a 2023 annual pass for $45 at the RRRD Visitor Center or the Sedona Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center. 

This pass covers admission at both district-managed fee sites and the concessionaire-managed fee sites, which include Crescent Moon, Grasshopper Point Swimming and Picnic Area, and Call of the Canyon Picnic Site.

ExplorUS took over the management of Coconino National Forest’s campground and day-use areas at the beginning of 2023, following an application process held in late 2022.

While the price increase may be a minor inconvenience for some visitors, the new concessionaire contract promises to bring fresh ideas and improved facilities to Sedona’s recreational sites.

The selection of a new concessionaire for Sedona’s recreational sites and the subsequent slight increase in prices highlights the important role of private management in outdoor hospitality and recreation. 

The partnership between government agencies and private companies is crucial to providing high-quality and well-maintained facilities and amenities for outdoor enthusiasts.

Concessionaires bring expertise, innovation, and resources to manage and operate recreational sites, which can enhance the visitor experience and promote sustainable tourism practices. In Sedona’s case, the selection of ExplorUS promises to bring new ideas and improvements to the Coconino National Forest’s campground and day-use areas.

The slight increase in prices also reflects the importance of generating revenue to fund the maintenance and preservation of these natural areas.

As more people seek out outdoor recreation, the demand for well-managed sites and facilities increases. 

By investing in these areas, the government and private companies can ensure that visitors have access to safe, enjoyable, and sustainable outdoor experiences for years to come.

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Paige Dawn
Paige Dawn
February 21, 2024 2:01 pm

The ambitious concessionaire, ExplorUS, is planning to spruce up Sedona’s recreational sites, so be sure to grab the 2023 annual pass for fantastic value!


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