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Arizona’s Starry Nights: Over 250,000 RV Nights Booked Under the Desert Sky

Arizona’s picturesque landscapes have long been a magnet for travelers. But recently, a new trend has emerged. RVshare, an online platform for RV owners and renters, reveals that Phoenix ranks as the third most preferred RV destination in the U.S.

The allure isn’t just in the city lights. Attractions such as the Grand Canyon, Phoenix Raceway, Sedona, and Flagstaff have beckoned RV travelers from all corners. The freedom to explore these sites, combined with the comforts of home, makes RV travel an attractive option.

The cost dynamics further sweeten the deal. An average five-night RV rental in Phoenix stands at approximately $1,100. This fee encompasses both transportation and accommodation, presenting a cost-effective solution for many.

For those hesitant about navigating the vast terrains in an RV, there’s a solution. Many rental options include delivery to the traveler’s chosen destination, ensuring a hassle-free experience, according to a press release.

Phoenix isn’t just a hotspot for renters. RVshare owners have found a lucrative market in the city. With over 1,000 owners based in Phoenix, the top-performing owner in Arizona boasts earnings of over $1 million since joining RVshare.

The popularity isn’t limited to Phoenix. Other destinations like Flagstaff, Scottsdale, Florence, and Glendale have seen a surge in RV travelers. Travel trailers, in particular, have become the go-to rental option in Phoenix.

Maddi Bourgerie, RVshare’s travel expert, sheds light on Phoenix’s appeal. Its proximity to iconic attractions like the Grand Canyon and Saguaro National Park makes it a prime choice for many.

Beyond the data, the real essence of RV travel lies in the experience. The freedom to traverse from the Grand Canyon one day to downtown Phoenix the next, all while carrying the comforts of home, is unparalleled.

The RV rental market’s growth in Arizona mirrors a nationwide trend, especially during the pandemic. As people sought safer travel options, RVs emerged as a preferred choice.

Arizona’s diverse landscapes, from its majestic canyons to the serene desert, offer a unique experience for RV travelers. The state’s RV-friendly parks and campgrounds further enhance the experience.


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Mau Mendoza

Mau Mendoza

Mauro Mendoza, a content writer for Modern Campground since 2022, boasts a journalism degree and extensive experience in writing and blogging. With dozens of articles on campgrounds, RV parks, and glamping resorts under his belt, Mauro's expertise in outdoor hospitality is evident. He aspires to launch his own blog, sharing his insights and passions with a wider audience. When not crafting engaging content, Mauro enjoys video games, movies, and sports, or playfully teasing his dog, who he's convinced believes it's human.
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