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News for August 14, 2022

Analysis: RV Industry Feels ‘Relatively Quick Impact’ of High Gas Prices


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Despite record sales in 2021, the RV industry is facing some roadblocks. Key industry companies such as Camping World Holdings, Thor Industries, and Winnebago Industries have seen shares drop as inflation and gasoline prices soar. 

This year’s total vehicle shipments are forecasted to fall by 8.4% compared to 2021, according to RV Industry Association’s May 2022 Market Report.

“It’s a compounding effect of inflation, whether it’s gas, or milk, or heating, or rent,” Bret Jordan, managing director at Jefferies. “All of this is sort of draining the consumer’s liquidity. And obviously, when you’re at the pump, and you’re putting $100 into your tank when it used to be $25 or $30, it really strikes home.”

Jordan said industry volatility, the near-future market, and also suggested that the RV stocks are “dead money” as data points in the automotive and RV industry indicated a recession in 2023 and six months beyond.

“They [RV stocks] are trading at very low optical valuations in the sense that five-plus times earnings on current year would seem to be extraordinarily cheap. But current year earnings are, in Winnebago’s case, four times with earned in 2019,” Jordan said. 

“So they are arguably over-earning. And until people can make a decision as to how big the downturn is and what the normalized earning rate is going to be, it seems a bit dead money.”

He also pointed out that a recent AAA survey found that the amount of travel expected for the remainder of 2022 is at a 40-year low. Only 36% of survey respondents believe they will take a vacation in the next six months, compared to 40% during the summer of 2019, when the average gas price hovered around $2.76 per gallon.

Although the COVID spurred a surge in RV popularity and boosted sales and market earnings, the pandemic mainly brought in new customers interested in relatively less expensive models in the United States, according to a report.

“You certainly see a migration to lower price point trailers. A lot of that is likely driven by new entrants to the RV Space,” Jordan said. “So people testing the water are coming into the lower price point items.”

He said Investors’ lackluster confidence might lift as companies explore electric powertrain systems in RVs. 

Both Thor and Winnebago are looking at ways to electrify their products. Thor is experimenting with regenerative electrical systems, and Winnebago is working on electric motor homes.

Current RV technology, however, still faces the issue of not generating enough energy to support long-distance driving. Jordan said when it comes to the future of electric RVs, “these vehicles are relatively large, not particularly aerodynamic.”

This article originally appeared on Yahoo Finance.


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