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American Glamping Association Unveils Educational ‘Glamping University’

The American Glamping Association (AGA) has officially unveiled its latest initiative, the Glamping University, a pioneering online educational platform aimed at bolstering the capabilities of both new and existing glamping operators. 

The announcement marks a significant step forward in professionalizing and enhancing the glamping sector, offering a comprehensive Glamping Operators Certificate program developed and instructed by seasoned experts in the field.

Recognizing the unique challenges faced by the sector, the AGA has curated a series of courses that cover a wide range of topics crucial for glamping business success. These include glamping entrepreneurship, glamping hospitality law, risk mitigation, financial analysis, guest experience, thinking design, insurance, glamping development basics, wastewater and water system design, and hiring management.

Furthermore, the certification ensures that operators are equipped to offer outstanding and memorable experiences to their guests, contributing positively to the industry’s growth and momentum. Each course is designed to provide a solid foundation in its respective area, with practical insights and strategies tailored to the glamping sector.

The Glamping Operators Certificate program is tailored to accommodate busy schedules with 100% online classes, allowing for a flexible learning environment. The curriculum is delivered by leading industry experts and covers essential competencies specific to the glamping industry’s unique challenges.

Key features of the program include a self-paced schedule, ongoing enrollment, and three main deliverables: completing online video courses, passing an online exam, and submitting a business pitch deck for approval. This structure ensures that participants can effectively manage their learning alongside their professional commitments.

Instructors for the program include a diverse group of industry leaders and experts, each bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to their courses. This ensures that participants receive high-quality education grounded in real-world applications and best practices.

By providing comprehensive education and fostering a supportive community, the AGA aims to empower operators to achieve their full potential, thereby enhancing the overall quality and sustainability of the glamping experience.

For those interested in participating in this transformative educational opportunity, people can visit www.americanglampingassociation.net.

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Robert Lewis
Robert Lewis
March 19, 2024 6:40 am

Did you hear? Glamping University’s got a certificate program and cool networking opps for glampers! Get ready for some expert insights and tips to rock your glamping game!


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