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Prattville BZA Rejects Special Exception Request for RV Park

The Prattville Board of Zoning Adjustments (BZA) in Alabama denied an RV park and campground proposal a special exception request, at 1090 and 1091 Country Club Commercial Park Drive, located along Highway 14. The decision followed extensive community input and consideration of the city’s zoning regulations.

The proposed site is situated next to a Dollar General store and across from the Fras-le North America manufacturing plant. The petitioners, Harry Dismukes and Jimmy Rawlinson emphasized that the development was aimed at providing temporary accommodations for working individuals needing short-term housing during local employment.

However, city ordinances and specific zoning requirements for such facilities present significant hurdles. Key issues highlighted during the zoning meeting included the need for adequate parking, internal access to sanitary facilities, and lighting. Essential amenities such as toilets, showers, water connections, and laundry facilities were also points of concern, according to an Elmore Autauga News report.

Further complicating the proposal, the BZA noted that granting a special exception would require variances for multiple zoning rules, including minimum lot size and on-site sanitary provisions. The lots would also require rezoning.

“I appreciate these guys for wanting to fill a need for something that they see. I have no issues with campgrounds or RV parks; what I do have a problem with is the location of where this is going to be placed,” Wade Newman, Prattville citizen, said in the Elmore Autauga News report.

Private campground owners and operators in the vicinity of Prattville can glean significant insights from the recent BZA decision on the proposed RV park and campground. The case underscores the importance of aligning development plans with local zoning laws and community expectations. This highlights the necessity of conducting thorough due diligence for private campgrounds before advancing with development plans. Ensuring that a proposed site meets all zoning requirements for size, sanitation, and amenities can save substantial time and resources that might otherwise be lost to revisions and opposition.

Additionally, the public reaction to the Prattville project serves as a reminder of the value of community engagement. Campground and RV park owners should consider proactive outreach to local residents and other stakeholders during the planning stages of any new development or expansion.

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