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Innovate Alabama Launches SEEK AL Campaign to Showcase State’s Outdoor Beauty

Innovate Alabama has launched the SEEK AL campaign to highlight the state’s natural beauty and outdoor recreation opportunities, aiming to attract more people to explore Alabama’s parks, waterways, greenways, and trails according to a press release.

“Alabama is home to a wealth of natural beauty and outdoor recreation opportunities,” said Innovate Alabama CEO Cynthia Crutchfield. “We are excited to showcase all of the beauty that Alabama has to offer entrepreneurs with an appreciation of the great outdoors,” Crutchfield added.

Innovate Alabama is the state’s first public-private partnership focused on entrepreneurship, technology, and innovation. 

It was established to implement the initiatives of the Alabama Innovation Commission’s report, which includes smart policy solutions to create a resilient, inclusive, and robust economy. 

The SEEK AL campaign supports this mission by leveraging the state’s natural assets to attract and retain talent.

“We see tapping into Alabama’s abundant outdoor recreation assets as a key differentiator in attracting and retaining talent. Activities like hiking, mountain biking, or paddling that you may reserve for a long weekend elsewhere are a way of life here,” said T.C. McLemore, executive director of outdoor recreation programs for Innovate Alabama.

McLemore mentioned that while he is out on a mountainside trail or enjoying the beach with his family, he often hears people remarking, “Who knew Alabama had this?” He added that launching SEEK AL is an effort to showcase everything that the great state has to offer to both residents and those considering relocating.

The SEEK AL campaign will be multifaceted, including an interactive map to help locals and enthusiasts find their next outdoor adventure around Alabama. Social media platforms will share stories of business leaders and entrepreneurs who have established themselves in Alabama through its outdoor recreation ecosystems. 

The campaign will also partner with colleges and universities to encourage students from Alabama and out of state to explore the outdoors, with the hope of retaining young people in the state after graduation.

Additionally, Innovate Alabama will introduce an outdoor recreation grant opportunity in the next round of the Innovate Alabama Network, a comprehensive resource to connect communities fostering innovation in their own backyard.

Innovate Alabama aims to position the state not just as a thriving innovation ecosystem but as a place with something for everyone, whether they are current residents or potential new ones. By promoting Alabama’s natural beauty and outdoor opportunities, SEEK AL hopes to attract more entrepreneurs and innovators to the state.

This campaign highlights Alabama’s abundant natural assets, crucial for attracting talent, boosting the local economy, and enhancing community well-being. By promoting outdoor activities as everyday experiences and initiatives like SEEK AL, Alabama is positioned as a prime destination for outdoor enthusiasts, fostering tourism, environmental awareness, and a healthier lifestyle.

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