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51 Million Americans To Travel For Labor Day, Florida Is Top Destination—Survey

Many consumers are continuing to plan their Labor Day vacations, but 29 million Americans claim that their plans for travel were canceled due to COVID-19 concerns, a survey shows.

One in five Americans plans to travel to Labor Day weekend despite the delta variant. However, 11% of respondents to a ValuePenguin survey of over 2,000 people said they had canceled their plans. Florida is the top choice for travel, with car trips being the most popular mode of transportation.

Due to growing concerns about the delta variant, more than one in ten (11%) Labor Day vacationers had to cancel their plans. This includes those who canceled their flights or itinerary on their own and others who had their flight canceled by a travel agency.

Sophia Mendel, ValuePenguin’s travel writer, says that although 11% may seem low, it could rise as Labor Day approaches.

She warns that if Delta continues to gain traction, the possibility of a last-minute cancellation will increase.

Around 51 million Americans, or 20%, say that their travel plans have not changed. Six-figure earners (32%), parents without children under 18 (33%), and Gen Xers (25%) are the most likely to plan a Labor Day trip. This is more than their counterparts.

56 percent of Labor Day travelers limit travel within their own state. 38% restrict travel beyond that state.

The top destinations for those who venture beyond the borders of their state are Florida (12%), California (8%), and New York (8%).

Florida is a popular destination for summer vacations because of its beaches, attractions, and it may surprise you that it is leading this year due to the coronavirus epidemic that’s currently taking place.

Mendel says that it is likely people are choosing Florida as a destination because of the COVID rules being notoriously loose. “A state that has lax COVID restrictions can be a benefit to those who want their travel plans to not get canceled, even at the risk for possibly contracting or spreading Covid-19.”

70% of people prefer to travel by car, with 23% booking airline tickets. However, the majority (70%) are choosing to travel in their own cars. It is important to plan ahead for those who have already booked flights. You’ll need to be flexible, especially with recent flight cancellations. Mendel says to arrive early and be prepared for long lines and delays.

Most travelers have chosen to stay at a hotel or resort (44%), while 38% are staying with family or friends. A little over 1/10 of Americans have booked a vacation rental such as Airbnb.

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April 9, 2024 6:37 am

Guess what? Some travelers are opting for outdoor adventures and national parks this Labor Day! It’s all about soaking in nature while keeping safe distances. Experts suggest securing accommodations early due to the holiday rush. What’s your take on this trend?


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