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2022 Outdoor Recreation Economy Report Set for Release This Friday

The U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) is poised to unveil the 2022 Outdoor Recreation Economy Statistics on Friday, November 17, at 1 p.m., a pivotal moment for stakeholders in the outdoor recreation industry. This release is particularly significant as it follows last year’s report, which highlighted the outdoor recreation industry’s substantial $862 billion economic output in 2021.

The forthcoming statistics will offer a comprehensive view of the outdoor recreation sector’s contribution to the U.S. economy. Key areas of focus include activities such as bicycling, RVing, and fishing, which have become increasingly popular as leisure pursuits.

The report will detail the value added by outdoor recreation activities to the economy. This includes the economic benefits derived from these activities, reflecting their importance in the broader economic landscape.

Additionally, the statistics will encompass measures of value added, employment, and compensation related to the outdoor recreation economy. This data is crucial for understanding the sector’s role in job creation and income generation, both at the national level and within individual states, including the District of Columbia.

The release will also shed light on gross output, essentially sales or receipts, by outdoor recreation activity and industry at the national level. This aspect of the report will provide insights into the financial performance of different segments within the outdoor recreation industry.

The significance of this data extends beyond mere numbers. It serves as a vital tool for decision-making by businesses, policymakers, and managers of public lands and waters. The detailed state and national data will inform strategies and policies aimed at fostering the growth and sustainability of the outdoor recreation sector.

This data originates from the BEA’s Outdoor Recreation Satellite Account, established by a 2016 federal law. The account is part of BEA’s series of special accounts designed to offer a detailed picture of specific parts of the economy.

These satellite accounts are integral in complementing BEA’s core statistics, including the U.S. gross domestic product. They do not alter the core statistics but provide a focused analysis of a particular economic sector.

The 2022 Outdoor Recreation Economy Statistics are expected to build upon the findings of the previous year. In November 2021, the BEA’s Outdoor Recreation Satellite Account reported that the outdoor recreation industry recorded a remarkable $862 billion in economic output. This figure underscored the industry’s robust contribution to the U.S. economy, even amidst challenging global conditions.

As the outdoor recreation industry continues to evolve, the upcoming report will offer critical insights into its economic trajectory. These insights are not just numbers; they represent the livelihoods, passions, and economic wellbeing of millions engaged in outdoor recreation activities.

Modern Campground will closely cover the release of the 2022 Outdoor Recreation Economy Statistics. For detailed updates and comprehensive analysis of the report, readers are encouraged to visit our website and follow our social media accounts.

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April 1, 2024 7:00 am

Can you believe it? This report is a goldmine of info on biking, RV adventures, and fishing, all while highlighting how outdoor activities help the environment thrive. It’s like finding a hidden garden of inspiration!

May 9, 2024 7:32 am

I’m excited about the 2022 Outdoor Recreation Economy Report coming out this Friday! It’s gonna delve into how outdoor activities impact regions differently, offering insights for sustainable growth strategies.


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