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News for December 8, 2022

CyberLandr Honored with Green Concept Award from the European Union


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Stream It, Inc., the creator of CyberLandr, the disappearing RV/camper made specifically for Tesla’s Cybertruck, was the recipient of the Green Concept Award from the European Union. 

CyberLandr was honored during an award ceremony on May 18. 

“We are honored to be recognized with the Green Concept Award,” said Lance King, CEO and founder of Stream It, Inc. “CyberLandr is that rare product that lets you do more with less. Thoughtful design and engineering allow CyberLandr to weigh less, use fewer materials, require less energy to manufacture and transport, and use more durable materials to extend its life cycle, and even use solar panels to create renewable energy—allowing you to enjoy urban and wilderness adventures while treading more lightly upon the environment and without sacrificing luxury and comfort.”  

Since 2013, the international Green Concept Award honors visionary design concepts for sustainable products, services, and materials that are not (yet) on the market. The award is aimed at young designers, startups, and established companies.

Participants receive feedback from a jury of experts and nominees benefit from many advantages to take their sustainable projects to the next level. 

CyberLandr provides several eco-friendly features that help reduce the carbon footprint of its disappearing RV/camper for Tesla’s Cybertruck and promote both an enjoyable and environmentally friendly experience. 

“CyberLandr is a game-changer in that it lets you take a kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, and office anywhere and everywhere you go,” King said. “From solar panels to dry flush toilets and recirculating water systems, CyberLandr wants to help Cybertruck owners explore the world and enhance their lifestyles responsibly.”

By disappearing within the Cybertruck’s bed when not in use, Cyberlandr adds zero aerodynamic drag so it has a minimal effect on range. It also means CyberLandr can go virtually anywhere Cybertruck can go—including garages, drive-throughs, and rugged terrain. CyberLandr’s solar panels provide clean energy and even help recharge the Cybertruck’s battery to increase range and/or the amount of time you can stay off-grid.

The invisible, electric induction cooktop can bring water to a boil in half the time of a gas range while keeping the countertop cool to the touch. Heating and cooling will also utilize the Cybertruck’s battery, which completely eliminates the need for fossil fuels like diesel and propane and the safety issues, smells, and inconvenience of refilling that come with them.

CyberLandr also comes equipped with a recirculating shower for longer showers without running out of water. Shower water is heated inline, and recycled water is passed through a four-stage filter that includes UV light sanitization. With this design, CyberLandr doesn’t have to carry as much water, reducing its weight and the frequency of filling the freshwater tank.

Each CyberLandr also includes a dry flush toilet, which utilizes a very long bag that twists and seals with each flush to isolate the waste. Each bag is good for roughly 12-15 flushes. Flushing bags sit inside a large garbage liner, which can be easily removed and disposed of in any trash bin just like a diaper. This approach reduces water waste and removes the need for a blackwater system and the unpleasant smells associated with cleaning and emptying them. 

A study by the travel and tourism consulting firm PKF Consulting suggested that RV trips are considerably more environmentally friendly than traditional vacations that include flying, driving rental cars, and booking hotel accommodations. By comparing the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions generated by a family of four vacationing in an RV to those generated by traditional vacations to the same destinations, the study found that RV vacations produced significantly smaller carbon footprints in every documented instance. 

The results of PKF’s research showed that a family making a 683-mile trip for a 10-day vacation by car or folding camping trailer produced 0.80 tons of CO2. If they were to take an SUV or travel trailer, the trip would produce 1.26 tons. By using a type C motorhome, the trip produced 1.69 tons of CO2, while a type A motorhome (diesel) produced 1.35 tons. If the family chooses a traditional travel method of flying, driving, and living in a hotel, the same trip would produce 2.69 tons of CO2. Because Cybertruck + CyberLandr are completely electric, they reduce the carbon footprint even more.

For more information regarding CyberLandr’s eco-friendly feature set, as well as additional details regarding its StartEngine campaign, please visit https://cyberlandr.com/features.

About CyberLandr
CyberLandr is a product of Stream It, the developer of the first mobile-capable, AI-enhanced, real-time analytics platform that turns video and sensor data into business intelligence. To learn more or reserve your own CyberLandr, visit www.CyberLandr.com.

Featured image from CyberLandr.

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