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Empowering Your Team: Training Staff to Boost Online Ratings


In the world of outdoor hospitality, where campgrounds, RV parks, and glamping resorts are in constant competition, online ratings can be a game-changer. A key factor in securing those coveted five-star reviews lies in the hands of your staff. Their interactions with guests can make or break the experience. This article explores how to empower and train your staff to not only provide exceptional service but also actively contribute to boosting your online ratings.

The Importance of Staff in the Guest Experience

Guests often remember their interactions with staff long after the details of the physical amenities fade. Whether it’s a warm welcome, a helpful tip about local attractions, or a quick response to an issue, these moments define their stay. It’s crucial that every team member, from the front desk to housekeeping, understands their role in shaping the guest experience and, by extension, your online reputation.

Training for Excellence

  1. Customer Service Training: Start with the basics of customer service. Reinforce the importance of a friendly demeanor, active listening, and problem-solving skills. Role-playing various guest scenarios can be an effective way to prepare your staff for real-life situations.
  2. Empathy and Communication: Emphasize the power of empathy. Train your staff to understand and anticipate guest needs, showing genuine care and concern. Equally important is clear and effective communication, ensuring that guests feel heard and valued.
  3. Handling Negative Situations: Equip your team with the skills to handle complaints and negative situations gracefully. Teach them how to stay calm, listen actively, and offer practical solutions. A well-handled negative situation can often lead to a positive review.
  4. Encouraging Reviews: Teach your staff how to encourage guests to leave reviews in a non-intrusive way. This could be as simple as mentioning, “If you enjoyed your stay, we’d love to hear about it on [platform name].” Ensure they understand the importance of this feedback for the business.

Creating a Feedback-Friendly Environment

  1. Internal Feedback Mechanisms: Establish a system where staff can report guest feedback directly to management. This not only keeps you informed but also involves the staff in the process of continuous improvement.
  2. Recognition and Incentives: Implement a system to recognize and reward staff members who go above and beyond in delivering exceptional service. Recognition can be a powerful motivator and can encourage a culture of excellence.
  3. Regular Meetings and Updates: Hold regular meetings to discuss feedback, both positive and negative. Share reviews with your team, especially those that mention staff members by name. Use these meetings as opportunities for learning and growth.
  4. Building a Team Spirit: Foster a team spirit where staff feel valued and part of the bigger picture. When employees feel a sense of ownership and pride in their work, it reflects in their interactions with guests.


Empowering your staff through targeted training and a supportive work environment is crucial in enhancing guest experiences and, subsequently, your online ratings. When your team understands the impact of their actions and feels equipped and motivated to deliver their best, the results will speak for themselves in the form of glowing online reviews. Remember, in the outdoor hospitality industry, your staff are not just employees; they are the ambassadors of your guest’s experience.


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