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Creating Event Packages that Sell

Creating event packages that not only attract guests but also enhance their experience requires a blend of creativity, strategy, and insight into what your potential visitors are seeking. Whether you’re managing a campground, RV park, or glamping resort, the goal is to offer more than just a place to stay; it’s about creating an unforgettable experience. By bundling accommodations with curated activities and amenities, you can appeal to a diverse range of guests, from families looking for a weekend getaway to couples seeking a romantic retreat.

The first step in designing these packages is understanding your audience. Are your guests thrill-seekers, nature lovers, or perhaps cultural enthusiasts? This knowledge allows you to tailor your offerings to meet their interests. For instance, a package for families might include a guided nature walk, outdoor movie nights, and a s’mores kit for evening fun around the fire. For couples, consider adding a private dinner under the stars or a couple’s spa treatment outdoors. It’s all about creating unique experiences that resonate with your guests’ desires.

Pricing your packages effectively is crucial. The value should be apparent; your guests need to see the benefit of booking a package over arranging everything separately. A good strategy is to offer a slight discount on the total cost of included activities and amenities, making the package appear as a more convenient and cost-effective option. This doesn’t mean you have to undercut your profits; rather, find a balance that benefits both your business and your guests.

Marketing your event packages requires a targeted approach. Utilize your website and social media platforms to showcase these special offerings, highlighting the unique experiences guests can expect. High-quality images and videos of past events, testimonials from satisfied guests, and detailed descriptions of what each package includes are powerful tools for enticing potential visitors. Email marketing can also be effective, especially for reaching out to past guests with exclusive offers.

Collaborating with local businesses can enhance the appeal of your packages. Partnerships with local restaurants, tour operators, and artisans not only provide your guests with a richer experience but also support the local economy. For example, including a meal at a popular local eatery or a guided tour of nearby attractions adds value to your packages and gives guests a taste of the local culture.

Flexibility in your packages can also be a key selling point. Offering guests the option to customize their package by choosing from a selection of activities or amenities can make your offerings more attractive. This approach caters to the individual preferences of your guests, ensuring that they have the best possible experience during their stay.

Safety and convenience should be at the forefront of your package design, especially in today’s travel climate. Implementing and highlighting safety measures for each activity, as well as offering hassle-free booking and cancellation policies, can further persuade guests to choose your event packages.

Lastly, gathering feedback from guests who have purchased your packages is invaluable. This feedback can guide future package improvements and help identify what works well and what might need adjustment. Engaging with your guests post-visit through surveys or follow-up emails not only provides you with crucial insights but also helps build long-term relationships.

Creating compelling event packages for your campground, RV park, or glamping resort is an art that combines understanding your audience, crafting unique experiences, pricing strategically, and marketing effectively. By following these guidelines, you can design packages that not only meet but exceed your guests’ expectations, driving bookings and fostering memorable experiences that encourage repeat visits.

Remember, the success of your event packages lies not just in the activities and amenities you offer, but in how well you understand and cater to the needs and desires of your guests. With thoughtful planning and execution, your event packages can become a highlight of what you offer, setting your outdoor hospitality business apart in a competitive market.


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