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Wrexham’s Croes Howell Inn Gets Green Light for Sustainable Camping Pods

In a recent development that promises to boost local tourism, Wrexham Council has given the nod to plans for the installation of camping pods on land off the Straight Mile in Llay, England. 

According to a report by The Leader, this initiative is set to be a part of the grounds of the renowned Croes Howell Inn, with six camping pods slated for construction.

The decision to introduce these camping pods is multifaceted. On one hand, they are expected to draw in tourists, offering them a unique and eco-friendly lodging experience. 

On the other, they aim to enhance the viability of the Croes Howell Inn’s restaurant and bar, which, like many establishments, has faced challenges in recent times, especially due to the enforced lockdowns.

Designed to be of minimal environmental impact, these pods will be clad in timber with a dark-colored stain, blending seamlessly with their natural surroundings. The location itself is a draw, offering breathtaking views of the Cheshire plain. 

Moreover, its proximity to the historic city of Chester positions it as an attractive spot for those looking to explore the region.

The Croes Howell Inn is no stranger to innovation. Having undergone significant renovations and expansions in the past decade, this move is seen as another step in its journey of adaptation and growth. 

The introduction of the camping pods aligns with local policies that emphasize the retention and protection of community facilities like pubs.

But it’s not just about tourism and community. Sustainability is at the heart of this development. In a nod to the growing demand for green travel options, the camping pods will be equipped with solar panels. 

Additionally, the parking area will feature charging points for electric vehicles, catering to the increasing number of eco-conscious travelers.

The area between Rossett and Llay, while scenic, doesn’t hold any special landscape designations. This makes it an apt location for such developments, ensuring that they don’t impinge on areas of special landscape value. 

With potential plans for the reopening of a station at Rossett, the accessibility and appeal of this location are only set to increase.

The introduction of these camping pods is more than just a business move. It’s a testament to the region’s commitment to sustainable tourism and a nod to the changing preferences of travelers. As more and more people seek out eco-friendly accommodation options, developments like these are paving the way for a greener future in travel.

The approval of the camping pods at the Croes Howell Inn is a significant step forward for the region. It promises to boost local tourism, provide sustainable lodging options, and ensure the continued viability of community establishments. 

As Wrexham Council’s chief planning officer, David Fitzsimon, signs off on these plans, the future of sustainable tourism in the area looks bright.

Featured image from Croes Howell Inn.

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Andrew Turner
Andrew Turner
May 24, 2024 2:14 pm

Have you heard about those awesome camping pods at Croes Howell Inn? They’re eco-friendly and offer stunning views. Can’t wait for the new station at Rossett to make it even more accessible!


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