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Wiltshire Council Rejects Traveller Site Near Royal Wootton Bassett, Citing Sustainability Concerns

A recent decision by Wiltshire Council to reject a planning application for a traveler site near Royal Wootton Bassett, England has raised significant concerns. According to an article by BBC, the application, submitted in 2023, proposed a three-pitch caravan site in Clyffe Pypard. 

However, planning officers discovered four touring caravans and parking for several vehicles had already been established without permission.

Despite assurances from the applicant that the pitches would not cause “any other demonstrable harm,” local opposition was strong. 

Richard Ferguson, a local resident, expressed concerns about the site’s impact on the community. “The proposed site has already had a major negative impact on the area and current residents,” Richard said.

“It is too close to existing properties and too small to accommodate the number of people on the current application, let alone even more families in the future,” Richard added.

Both Clyffe Pypard Parish Council and Tockenham Parish Council also objected to the plans, citing sustainability concerns. 

Wiltshire Council’s decision to refuse the application was based on the site’s unsuitability. The council noted, “The site is not in a sustainable location, being distant from any settlements and any services and facilities, including those essential for education and healthcare, with diminished benefit to the occupants given the lack of access in these regards.”

This decision underscores the importance of sustainability and community impact in planning applications for caravan and traveller sites. For the campground industry, it serves as a reminder of the need for careful site selection, community engagement, and compliance with planning regulations. 

The rejection also highlights the increasing scrutiny on the location and infrastructure of such sites, emphasizing the necessity for facilities that are not only well-planned but also well-integrated into their surroundings.

For campground owners and operators, understanding these dynamics is crucial. Ensuring that new sites are developed in sustainable locations with adequate access to essential services can help avoid similar rejections. 

Moreover, engaging with local communities and addressing their concerns can foster a more supportive environment for future developments.

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