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Uplawmoor Land Under Consideration for Glamping Site with Luxury Domes

A planning application for a new glamping site near the historic Caldwell Tower in Uplawmoor, Scotland, has been submitted to the East Renfrewshire Council. According to official documents available on the council’s website, the application was received on July 24 and validated on August 4.

Jeff Askew, the applicant, aims to develop the site on Oldbarn Road, Uplawmoor. If approved, the project will include luxury glamping domes for overnight guest use, associated decking, permeable footpaths, a service hut, and utility area. The proposed glamping site also calls for utilization of an exiting parking and turning area as well as recycling/refuse storage and secure bicycle storage.

According to the design and access statement submitted by the applicant’s agent, Glampitect, the proposed site will offer “subtle and discreet countryside accommodation for tourists,” with a focus on sustainability and minimal environmental impact.

The development is planned within existing woodland and aims to preserve the natural beauty of the area. The design includes minor landscaping, such as leveling the ground for the domes’ footings and planting new native trees, hedges, and shrubbery.

Furthermore, the Heritage Statement from Glampitect, another document attached to the application, emphasizes that the project will have no negative impact on the Caldwell Tower, a 16th-century listed building. According to the application, guests will not be allowed inside the tower, ensuring the preservation of the historic site.

Income generated from the glamping site is intended to be used for the maintenance and upkeep of Caldwell Tower. This aligns with the heritage preservation goals outlined in the application and could provide a sustainable way to care for the historic structure.

Caldwel Glamping, when approved, could also have economic benefits for the local community and businesses by attracting tourists for short breaks and weekend stays, the application notes.

The application outlines plans for five car parking spaces, two of which will be equipped with electric vehicle charging points. Additionally, secure bike storage facilities will be available for guests.

The glamping domes are designed to be “well-spaced,” with a focus on guest privacy and social distancing. The design also includes native hedgerows and trees for natural screening, as well as low-level solar LED lighting for nighttime safety.

The proposal also includes a focus on sustainability, with features like water-saving sanitary fittings and appliances within the domes, as well as an operational waste management and recycling strategy.

Amplified music will not be permitted on the site, and “party groups” will not be allowed to stay, according to the application. This aligns with the project’s aim to offer a peaceful and relaxing retreat for nature lovers.

In a consultation response, Senior Environmental Health Officer Richard Mowat emphasized the importance of community engagement and raised questions about the project’s environmental impact. He also mentioned that no public rights of way would be affected by this proposal, a point that could be crucial for local residents.

Public consultations are a standard part of the planning application process, and the council’s website allows for public comments on current applications.

The application notes limited competition in the Uplawmoor area for this style of luxury dome glamping accommodation. This could potentially fill a gap in the market, attracting tourists for short breaks and weekend stays, thereby boosting the local economy.

The planning application is currently registered, and its appeal status remains unknown. If approved, the site will be operated from March to November as a holiday accommodation. 

Those interested in learning more or wishing to submit comments can access the planning application through East Renfrewshire Council’s online planning system.

The concept of luxury glamping is gaining wider acceptance in the UK, making this application timely. However, it remains to be seen how the local community will respond to this proposed development.


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