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Totnes Councilors Call For More Facilities For Campervans, Motorhomes

Town councilors have asked South Hams Council to provide toilets, showers, and waste-emptying facilities at the Longmarsh Car Park in Totnes, Devon (United Kingdom), according to a report by Van Life Matters.

In a recent town council meeting, Councilor Ben Piper called the lack of motorhome and campervan facilities on the property “appalling.” She claimed the district council is accountable for any health problems arising from “dumping” waste in hedges.

Chairperson of the Planning Committee, Councilor Georgina Allen, said South Hams Council is calling for your feedback on the possibility of allowing motorhomes to park overnight at Longmarsh for the night.

She stated that, in the main, it’s a great idea; however, as we advised at the outset, there are problems regarding toilets.

“We should support the continuation of overnight parking at Longmarsh on the basis that South Hams Council makes longer-term provision for toilets, showers, and toilet emptying at the site,” Allen said.

“This is to mitigate motorhome users emptying toilets into the hedges and rivers, which is what has been happening, and public defecation in the area, which has been reported to the council over the past couple of years – there quite a number of reports.”

They would like to be a part of this idea, as it is very well-liked for overnight campers and there’s always something to do. But, they’d want to strongly encourage South Hams Council to make toilets, showers, and toilet facilities for emptying toilets at the campsite.

Councilor Marion Adams pointed out that the site’s bathrooms and toilets are currently located. However, South Hams Council does not allow them to be used.

She said there were showers in the area and toilets. However, South Hams still needs to take action about it.

“They are meant for boaters that are coming across the river too. They’re already there. There are toilets in the area, but they have to be opened.” Adams said.

Councilor Piper stated that those who are part of the Dartmouth-based Dart Harbour Authority, which oversees the River Dart, are “at a loss” regarding why there aren’t any boats in Totnes.

He said that as Dart Harbour’s community group, they’re at a loss about why Totnes is an attractive destination for boaters and has no facilities for boaters who come across the river.

He also stated that this could profoundly impact the town’s economy because people who visit boats are generally wealthy.

“People in motor homes may not be, but for us as a community to be burdened with a situation where – I went down there the other night, and there were 14 different units down there of one sort or another – there are no toilet facilities, is really, really appalling,” Piper said.

“And by taking money, the council are in a position where they are responsible for any health issues that may resolve from people emptying their toilets into the ditch there, which is absolutely not acceptable.”

Mayor Councilor Emily Price suggested the council put some of the funds it made from charging for camping overnight into providing services at the campsite.

“They trialed the use of various car parking areas in the South Hams for overnight stays, and Totnes was by far and away the most popular,” she explained.

“Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people stayed there over the trial, and the revenues were a lot – PS40,000 or something – so maybe they could invest a little bit of the money they are making to improve the situation.”

Councilors unanimously voted unanimously to “strongly” urge the district council to build facilities for Longmarsh.

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May 18, 2024 2:57 am

Let’s make Longmarsh Car Park in Totnes a happy camper’s haven! The councilors are all gung-ho about jazzing up the place with toilets, showers, and waste-emptying spots. It’s like they’re tuning up for a top-notch camping experience under the Devonshire skies. Time to hit the road and enjoy the ride!


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