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Tenby Shines as the UK’s Tenth Most Popular Holiday Destination: Opportunities for the Outdoor Recreation Industry

Tenby, often referred to as the ‘jewel in Pembrokeshire’s crown,’ has been named the UK’s tenth most popular holiday destination, according to recent research. 

The study, carried out by outdoor experts at GO Outdoors, aimed to determine the most sought-after holiday destinations in the UK by examining the number of annual holiday searches for each location.

The research also investigated the highest-rated UK holidays. Tenby, a beautiful seaside town in Pembrokeshire, garnered an impressive 43,630 annual holiday searches. 

The Isle of Wight took the top spot with 234,960 searches, followed by the Isles of Scilly. St Ives secured third place, while Blackpool ranked fourth. London, Brighton, Edinburgh, Great Yarmouth, and Skegness completed the top ten list, as reported by the Tenby Observer.

In addition to its overall popularity, Tenby ranked seventh in the study’s list of ‘Top holiday hotspots with the most activities.’ This recognition highlights the diverse range of recreational options available to visitors in the charming coastal town.

Pembrokeshire, the picturesque county in which Tenby is located, also earned a place on the list of ‘Highest rated holiday destinations for camping,’ coming in at number ten. This accolade underscores the region’s appeal to outdoor enthusiasts seeking a scenic and adventure-filled getaway.

The full study, which offers detailed insights into the most popular and highly rated holiday destinations across the UK, can be accessed at the following link: https://blog.gooutdoors.co.uk/2023-uk-holiday-hotspots/.

For those in the outdoor recreation industry, Tenby’s rising popularity presents a valuable opportunity. Businesses and local authorities can further develop the area’s appeal by expanding and diversifying their offerings to cater to the growing number of tourists.

Given Tenby’s rising popularity as a holiday destination, the outdoor recreation industry should take advantage of this trend by expanding and diversifying their offerings in the area. This could include developing new glamping sites, offering unique adventure experiences, and working closely with local businesses to provide tourists with memorable stays. 

By tapping into the potential of this picturesque coastal town, industry players can further contribute to the growth of outdoor tourism and eco-friendly travel in the UK, while meeting the demands of travelers seeking the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure.

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February 15, 2024 11:30 pm

I just unearthed a report on Tenby’s ascent as a popular eco-friendly travel destination, reflecting a burgeoning trend in sustainable tourism. Intriguing plans for new hiking and biking trails will enhance the experience of exploring Pembrokeshire’s stunning natural landscapes. This is truly thought-provoking!

Nancy Mitchell
Nancy Mitchell
April 3, 2024 5:46 am

Did you know Tenby is a real treasure trove? Picture yourself exploring its gorgeous coastline and historic sites, soaking up all that adventure and natural beauty. It’s a perfect spot for creating unforgettable memories and experiencing outdoor fun while caring for our planet. Let’s make it happen!

April 19, 2024 1:30 am

Tenby isn’t just popular for outdoor fun. it’s a gem with stunning beaches and history. Perfect for chill vibes and culture seekers. Businesses could offer eco-friendly adventures for nature-loving tourists!


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