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Somerset Council Rejects Major Expansion Plan for Berrow’s Rose Farm Caravan Park Amid Growing Tourism Demand

Somerset Council has recently refused a significant expansion plan proposed by Rose Farm Caravan Park in Berrow. This decision has sparked discussions about the future of tourism and local development in the Somerset region.

The ambitious proposal by Rose Farm Caravan Park included adding 96 static caravan pitches, along with a recreational square and pathways for dog walking and jogging. This plan aimed to cater to the increasing number of tourists and Hinkley Point workers seeking accommodation in the area.

Somerset Council’s refusal centered on concerns about the potential visual impact on the flat Estuarine Levels landscape, the risk of increased traffic, and the area’s high flood risk. These factors were deemed detrimental to the visual amenities and landscape character of the locality, according to a Burnham-On-Sea report.

The demand for holiday spaces in Somerset has been expanding, especially with the rising popularity of staycations. The area has seen a surge in tourism, with local parks like Rose Farm often reaching near full capacity during the summer months.

The expansion of Rose Farm Caravan Park was expected to boost the local economy significantly. The increased tourism was anticipated to benefit not just the park but also the nearby towns of Highbridge, Burnham, and Brean through increased use of local services and businesses.

The Berrow Parish Council facilitated an open meeting, allowing residents to express their views on the expansion plans. This meeting highlighted the community’s active involvement in shaping the development of their locality.

The expansion was also seen as a solution to the growing need for accommodation for workers at Hinkley Point, with the park’s pitches providing a convenient option for these workers.

Rose Farm Caravan Park viewed the expansion as a vital investment in the local tourism industry, with the potential to create jobs and meet the high demand for holiday spaces in Somerset.

Somerset Council’s decision reflects a cautious approach to development, prioritizing the preservation of the local landscape and addressing concerns regarding infrastructure and environmental impact.

Despite the setback, the area’s popularity as a tourist destination continues to grow. Future development plans will likely consider the balance between accommodating tourism growth and preserving the natural and local characteristics of the Somerset region.

The refusal of Rose Farm Caravan Park’s expansion plan by Somerset Council underscores the complexities of balancing development with environmental and community concerns. As Somerset continues to attract tourists, decisions like these will shape the future of tourism and development in the region.

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Steven Carter
Steven Carter
April 25, 2024 4:27 pm

Isn’t it neat how the community’s active role in the Berrow’s Rose Farm Caravan Park expansion decision dives deep into sustainable development? Somerset Council’s focus on nature’s protection and smart infrastructure sets a smooth example of balancing growth and environment. Let’s keep up this positive vibe!


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