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News for March 27, 2023

Powys County Council Removes Restrictions on Oakwood Valley Lodges, Allowing Year-Round Use


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Powys County Council has removed conditions that restricted the use of some chalets at Oakwood Valley Lodges (United Kingdom) to certain months of the year, according to a report by the Herald Wales.

The conditions had been placed on the development by the council between 2004 and 2009, but were lifted after Unwind Leisure Ltd, which owns the park, made a series of planning applications to remove them. 

The park, which is located off the B4385 road between Llanfair Caereinion and Castle Caereinion, had been prohibited from using some chalets during November and February. Unwind Leisure Ltd, which also owns holiday caravan parks in Wales, Shropshire, Herefordshire, and Cornwall, purchased Oakwood Valley Lodges in 2019.

According to documents submitted by Unwind Leisure’s agent, Philippa Davey of Savills Ltd, the planning application that was approved last August to add a further 25 chalets at the site stated that they could be used all year round. The extension takes the total number of lodges at Oakwood Valley up to 89. 

Davey said that the company was seeking to standardize the holiday season across the entire park to 12 months, involving the removal and variation of a number of conditions across four operative consents to bring all consents and their prescribed operating season into line with each other.

Powys senior planning officer, Gwyn Humphreys, said that there is no justification at this time for a seasonality clause to be included, as it serves no useful planning purpose. 

He also believes that in the absence of any detailed and robust defense for having the condition a seasonality clause, they could be deemed “ultra vires,” meaning that the clauses are beyond the authority’s legal power to enforce. 

For this reason, Humphreys believes the clauses “should not be retained.” He also said that while previous planning policy and guidance in existence at the time may have advocated such an approach, current planning policy and guidance do not require it.

The applications were granted conditional consent, with one of the conditions being that the lodges would be used only for holiday accommodation and not as anyone’s main home. To prove this, the applicants will need to keep an up-to-date register showing the visitors’ home addresses and the dates they stayed there, which will need to be available for inspection.

The decision to remove the conditions is a welcome one for Unwind Leisure Ltd, which can now offer its guests the opportunity to stay at Oakwood Valley Lodges throughout the year. It is expected to boost the local economy and create more jobs in the area.

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