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OLPRO, Tentshare Team Up to Offer Sustainable Camping Gear Rental Solution

Outdoor leisure brand OLPRO has announced a collaboration with Tentshare, a popular tent-matching service, to offer users the chance to rent an array of OLPRO tents and awnings for their trips before returning them to the company. 

This partnership aims to provide more accessible camping gear while emphasizing sustainability in the outdoor recreation industry, according to a news release by the Outdoor Industries Association.

The new partnership will expand upon OLPRO’s successful Loan and Go service, which currently enables customers across the UK to borrow an OLPRO tent or awning and return it after their trip. 

By integrating the service into Tentshare’s specialized website, the partnership will create an even more accessible platform for outdoor enthusiasts.

Rebecca Heaps, the founder of Tentshare, expressed her excitement about the collaboration, saying that they are “thrilled to be partnering with OLPRO.” 

Thanks to OLPRO, Tentshare can now offer nationwide access to affordable camping gear. OLPRO’s commitment to sustainability aligns with Tentshare’s, as we both recognize that using camping gear as often as possible increases its carbon efficiency,” she said.

OLPRO’s founder, Daniel Walton, also shared his enthusiasm about the partnership, saying that offering their customers “easy and more affordable access to the outdoors is incredibly important” to them, especially during challenging times. 

“Tentshare’s passion for sustainability and the environment makes this partnership an excellent opportunity to elevate our Loan and Go initiative as part of our sustainability plan to reduce the carbon footprint of camping,” he said.

Both companies and their customers, as well as the broader outdoor recreation community, are expected to benefit from this partnership. 

Campers and outdoor enthusiasts will gain easier access to affordable, high-quality camping equipment, while both companies can expand their reach and promote their sustainability efforts.

The collaboration between OLPRO and Tentshare highlights the outdoor recreation industry’s growing focus on sustainability and eco-friendly practices. 

By offering rental options and encouraging customers to use camping equipment more frequently, both companies contribute to reducing the environmental impact of outdoor activities.

As the partnership develops, it is anticipated that campers and outdoor recreationists in the UK and Europe will increasingly appreciate the convenience and sustainability benefits offered by the OLPRO and Tentshare collaboration. 

This positive step forward demonstrates the outdoor recreation industry’s commitment to balancing consumer needs with environmental responsibility.

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March 14, 2024 10:40 am

Isn’t it amazing how OLPRO and Tentshare team up to make eco-friendly camping a breeze? Their partnership leads the way in sustainable outdoor adventures, making nature exploration more responsible. Together, they showcase a shared commitment to accessibility and environmental care, setting a green example for all of us nature lovers. Let’s join in and prioritize eco-friendly solutions for a brighter outdoor community!


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