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Lochaber Campsites Triumph with Triple Awards: A Beacon of Sustainable Tourism in the Scottish Highlands

Lochaber’s scenic beauty is now matched by its accolades in the camping world. Bunroy Park of Roy Bridge and Ben Nevis Holiday Park have recently clinched a hat-trick of awards in the Camping and Glamping Awards, a testament to their excellence in outdoor hospitality. 

This achievement not only highlights their quality but also places Lochaber on the map as a premier camping destination.

Adding to this triumph, Linnhe Lochside Holidays has been crowned the best campsite in Britain by ACSI, as reported by The Oban Times. Garnering over 50,000 votes from campers across Europe, this award reflects the campsite’s commitment to environmental sustainability and its idyllic location in the Scottish Highlands, according to a report by the Press & Journal.

These accolades are more than just trophies on a shelf; they signify a boon for Lochaber’s tourism. Recognized campsites like these attract visitors, boosting the local economy. The awards serve as a beacon, drawing outdoor enthusiasts to experience the unique blend of adventure and tranquility offered by the Highlands.

The ripple effect of this recognition extends to local businesses and communities. Increased visitation means more opportunities for local enterprises, from outdoor gear shops to local eateries, fostering a thriving community around these celebrated campsites.

The success of Lochaber’s campsites is set against the backdrop of evolving camping industry trends. With a shift towards RV camping and a growing emphasis on sustainable practices, these campsites represent the forefront of modern outdoor accommodation. 

Their achievements resonate with the industry’s move towards more environmentally conscious and visitor-friendly camping experiences.

These trends underscore the importance of adapting to changing camper preferences while maintaining a balance with nature. Lochaber’s award-winning sites exemplify this balance, offering modern amenities without compromising the natural beauty that draws visitors to the Highlands.

Linnhe Lochside Holidays, in particular, has been lauded for its environmental consciousness. This aspect is crucial in a time when camping’s impact on natural landscapes is increasingly scrutinized. By prioritizing sustainability, these campsites not only preserve the pristine conditions of their surroundings but also set a standard for others in the industry.

The focus on minimizing environmental impact aligns with broader conservation efforts. Sustainable practices, such as controlled site usage and responsible waste management, ensure that these camping sites remain a haven for both wildlife and campers for years to come.

For those inspired to experience these award-winning sites, contact information is readily available through their official websites and local tourism directories. Accessibility to these sites is a testament to Lochaber’s commitment to welcoming visitors from all corners, offering a slice of the Highlands’ majesty to everyone.

The ease of access to these sites, coupled with the information available online, makes planning a trip to these award-winning campsites in Lochaber straightforward. Whether for a weekend getaway or an extended stay, these sites promise an unforgettable experience in the heart of the Scottish Highlands.

The hat-trick of awards won by Lochaber’s campsites is not just a local achievement but a beacon of excellence in sustainable tourism. These sites blend the allure of the Scottish Highlands with responsible, visitor-friendly practices, setting a benchmark in the camping industry.

As Lochaber’s campsites bask in their well-deserved recognition, they continue to offer a gateway to the serene and unspoiled beauty of the Highlands. Their success is a story of harmony between nature and tourism, a narrative that other destinations can aspire to emulate.

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March 15, 2024 7:10 am

Lochaber’s camping scene is on fire, like a perfectly toasted marshmallow! These award-winning campsites are drawing in campers left and right, offering top-notch outdoor experiences with eco-cool vibes. It’s like they’re the trendsetters of sustainable camping. They’re not just camping spots. they’re experiences waiting to be had.

Jessica Phillips
Jessica Phillips
May 20, 2024 9:44 pm

Have you heard about the Lochaber campsites? They’ve bagged three awards for their awesome sustainable tourism efforts! It’s a cool mix of eco-friendly vibes, modern comforts, and a touch of Scottish Highland charm.


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