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Haven Launches First-Ever UK Nerf Training Camps in Collaboration with Hasbro and Rocafella Leisure

This summer, holidaymakers across the UK are set to be armed with Nerf blasters and safety goggles as Haven, a leading UK holiday company, partners with global play and entertainment powerhouse, Hasbro. 

The collaboration promises to introduce the first-ever Nerf Training Camps in the United Kingdom, a venture brought to fruition through Rocafella Leisure, the leisure operator overseeing the operation.

Spanning 31 holiday parks, the Nerf Training Camps aim to inject high-octane, competitive fun into the usual holiday experience, as reported by the company.

The camps embody a fusion of paintball’s strategic play and basketball’s agile movements, creating an innovative game that offers an energetic and entertaining adventure for participants.

Each player, equipped with a Nerf blaster and safety goggles, will be thrown into a thrilling game, aiming to outscore opponents by shooting a ball into the rival team’s net. 

The twist? They’ll need to do so without being struck by the opposition’s foam darts, rounds, or discs. To amplify the challenge, the playing area will be populated with inflatable obstacles, providing both cover and strategy elements.

Simon Price, operations director for activities & leisure, entertainment, and retail at Haven, conveyed his excitement about the initiative. 

“We are thrilled to introduce the high-energy Nerf Training Camp to Haven this May,” Price stated. “We pride ourselves on our diverse and interactive range of park activities that make for many fond, long-lasting memories, and we look forward to seeing players of all ages battle it out for victory,” Price said.

The Nerf Training Camps are designed for 4 to 16 players, comprising four rounds of four-minute games, with a bonus round to end the match. The unique format enables up to eight players at a time to unite and strategize their game plan before taking it to the field in pursuit of Nerf Training Camp competition glory.

Rocafella Leisure Chief Operating Officer Brian Ward shared his perspective on the launch. 

“Nerf Training Camp, exclusive to Haven holiday parks, will provide tremendous fun for children and adults alike,” Ward affirmed. “Nerf is renowned for its engaging play and energetic performance, and we are extremely excited to bring the iconic Nerf blaster in a collaborative, fun-for-all game to Haven,” Ward said.

Ward further added that this marked the first of many ventures in their freshly formed partnership with Haven. The goal is to deliver Hasbro-branded leisure activities across their parks. He also mentioned the opening of the inaugural Nerf Action Xperience entertainment center in Manchester later this summer, which further symbolizes the partnership’s ambition.

The advent of the Nerf Training Camps signifies a fresh direction in outdoor hospitality, reflecting the potential of innovative leisure activities in holiday parks. As Rocafella Leisure and Haven jointly set the wheels in motion, they extend an open invitation to all their guests to be part of this exciting new venture.

In essence, this announcement sets a new precedent in the outdoor hospitality industry and holiday parks in the UK. It promises a fresh era where guests can look forward to a novel level of experiential outdoor hospitality. This summer, it’s time to grab your Nerf blasters and step into the arena; may the best team triumph!

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Nolan Creek
Nolan Creek
April 14, 2024 2:29 pm

I’m really pumped about the Nerf Training Camps at Haven, Hasbro, and Rocafella Leisure! It’s like a cool mix of paintball and basketball, promising an awesome time for players of all levels.

May 21, 2024 4:44 pm
Reply to  Nolan Creek

Can you believe it? The Nerf Training Camps sound like a blast! The mix of paintball and basketball makes it super exciting for players. I can’t wait to join in on the fun and improve my skills. Let’s get ready to nerf it up!


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