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Harborough District Council Receives Objections to Proposed Expansion of The Sleepy Explorer Glamping Site

The Sleepy Explorer, a glamping site located in Hallaton, Harborough District (England) is facing objections to its proposed expansion plans

According to a report by Harborough Mail, The Sleepy Explorer is seeking permission to build five additional glamping units on land south of Cranoe Road, and to retroactively approve three units already built and in operation.

The owners of the site aim to expand the car park from three spaces to 16, construct showers and toilets for each new unit, and build a communal kitchen. 

The expansion is said to double job opportunities from seven to 14. The glamping site, which is located in Hallaton’s conservation area, claims that the new units would be hidden by woodland and will not affect the area. 

The Sleepy Explorer operates all year round and is advertised as a peaceful retreat for nature lovers.

However, local residents have raised objections, claiming that their privacy has already been impacted by the site and they are kept awake by the sounds of visitors’ music and conversation at night. 

One commenter stated that the increased number of units and facilities would have a significant impact on their daily lives. 

There are also concerns about light pollution and disturbance to wildlife in the area.

The proposed expansion plans can be viewed and commented on at the Harborough District Council’s online planning application website https://pa2.harborough.gov.uk/online-applications

The public is encouraged to visit the council’s website to provide comments on the expansion plan.


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