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News for December 8, 2023

Gleddoch Hotel Announces Plans for New Glamping Pods and Lodges at Resort

Gleddoch Hotel, located in Old Greenock Road, United Kingdom has announced its plans to construct new lodges and glamping pods near the golf course at their resort. 

In addition to the glamping pods, the hotel will also be building an access road and other associated works at the site. 

The project aims to provide accommodation options for the growing demand for rural, self-catered stays in the wake of the Covid pandemic.

The hotel’s management team expressed their excitement about the project, stating that the addition of glamping pods would enable them to cater to a new and emerging market. 

“There is now strong demand for domestic holidays and there is a new market for trips which are not in hotels but are in isolated, self-contained spaces, whether that’s a lodge, shepherd’s hut, or center-parcs style villa,” a statement in the planning documents read. 

“The location and setting at Gleddoch is ideal for such a concept. Hence, the addition of glamping pods enables Gleddoch to provide an offering for this new emerging/growing market.

According to the hotel’s planning documents, the glamping pods will create new jobs related to housekeeping, maintenance, and groundskeeping. 

The statement also emphasized that the guests staying in the glamping pods are not likely to use the hotel facilities very often during their stay.

Instead, the pods are aimed at a different target market who are more likely to explore the local area and be self-sufficient in regard to food and beverage.

The planning documents further explain that the scheme will be sympathetic to the natural environment, with lots of planting to make guests feel at one with the local nature and surroundings. 

The new lodges and glamping pods will add to the existing accommodation options at the resort, offering visitors a range of choices to suit their preferences.

The trend towards rural, self-catered stays has become increasingly popular in recent years, and it has only accelerated following the Covid pandemic. 

As more and more people seek out staycation options, private campground owners and operators in the nearby area may also benefit from this trend. 

With many travelers looking to get away from busy cities and enjoy a more tranquil environment, private campgrounds could be an ideal option for those seeking to reconnect with nature.

However, it remains to be seen whether the new project at Gleddoch Hotel will impact the business of private campground owners and operators in the surrounding area. 

The addition of the glamping pods could potentially attract visitors who would have otherwise stayed at private campgrounds, but it could also increase overall tourism to the area, benefiting all local businesses.

The plans for the glamping pods and lodges are expected to be considered by Renfrewshire Council in due course, with many local residents and business owners eagerly anticipating the outcome. 

If the plans are approved, Gleddoch Hotel will be able to expand its offerings and cater to a new and growing market, providing visitors with a range of accommodation options to suit their preferences.


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