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News for October 24, 2021

Glamping Pods Overlooking Northern Ireland Sea Inlet Recommended For Approval By Council

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Plans to build glamping pods that overlook Carlingford Lough have been tipped to be approved despite opposition from residents, a report said.

The application, which Joanne and Ciaran McAteer submitted, was made for consideration by Newry, Mourne, and Down District Council in December of last year.

The applicants have applied for two subterranean glamping units situated on Northern Ireland’s Carrick Road, Warrenpoint overlooking Carlingford Lough.

After being considered by council officials, it has been suggested for approval with planning committee members to reconvene this week.

According to the planning report, the site is not part of any settlement land or an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

The planners explained that the project was initially proposed as a camping site with four units, including two above the ground, two below ground, and an undeveloped car park.

However, the Planning Authority raised concerns about the location being within the boundaries of an AOBN and not fully integrating into the landscape around it.

Northern Ireland Water and DfI Roads were both interviewed on the application, but there were no objections.

It is believed that the applicant has agreed to provide the water from a well while using a septic tank to discharge foul sewage.

But, residents believe that the area isn’t suited for this infrastructure, citing fears about the increased traffic.

Nine residents from the area sent council opposition letters. One gave the applicant a positive note.

Some of the issues raised included concerns about potential disruptive behavior, noise, and the increase in traffic on unimproved roads, and harm and disruption to farm animals in the area.

Certain conditions have been based upon the recommendations.

The document that outlines the seven conditions says:

“The pods shall not be used for permanent residential accommodation and shall not be occupied by any one individual, family, or group for a period exceeding 28 days in any calendar year.”

“The owner-operator shall maintain an up-to-date register which includes the names of all occupiers of the holiday accommodation, their home addresses, and the dates of arrival and departure.

“The register shall be made available to the Local Planning Authority upon request.”

Planning committee members will meet on September 22nd to review the application.

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