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Glamping Pods Approved Near Bennachie Despite Landmark Concerns

Visitors to Bennachie will soon have a new way to relax and enjoy the scenic beauty of the area, thanks to the approval of new glamping pods. Located next to Woodend of Braco and close to the Bennachie Centre, these pods are designed to encourage longer stays and boost local tourism.

Despite receiving mixed reactions from the community, council planners and the Marr area committee have given the green light for the development. The glamping pods are aimed at providing a unique lodging experience for visitors, complete with private hot tubs and eco-friendly amenities.

The decision to approve the glamping pods has been met with both support and opposition. While many believe the pods will enhance the tourism appeal of Bennachie, others are concerned about the potential impact on the landmark’s natural environment and historical significance, as reported by Aberdeen Live.

A total of 38 objections were submitted, including those from the Bailies of Bennachie and the Cluny, Midmar, and Monymusk Community Council. These groups fear the development could “severely compromise” the beloved hill’s landscape​​.

On the other hand, 27 letters of support were received, praising the proposal for its potential economic benefits. 

Senior Planner Neil Mair explained, “The longer someone stays in an area, the more likely they are to visit other attractions or spend money in local cafes and shops.” This sentiment was echoed by the Marr area committee, which unanimously approved the plan.

Jennifer Ross of John Wink Design, representing the developers, addressed concerns at the meeting, emphasizing the project’s benefits. “The main appeal of this type of accommodation is that it is within a rural and fairly secluded location. Those visiting the site are seeking a peaceful break in a unique countryside setting,” she said.

Ross highlighted that there is currently no similar accommodation in the area, which makes the glamping pods a desirable destination for tourists. 

Each pod will feature its own private decking area and hot tub, allowing guests to enjoy the stunning sunsets over Mither Tap. Additionally, a communal seating area with a fire pit will be available for visitors to enjoy barbecues and the peaceful surroundings.

Councillor Gwyneth Petrie supported the proposal, noting that it would attract more visitors to Bennachie without harming the landscape. “We need to absolutely sell Bennachie as a tourist opportunity. We don’t do enough of this and I think this would be a widely sought-after location for tourists to come to,” she said.

The glamping pods are designed to blend with the natural environment and provide a high level of comfort. Each pod will accommodate up to four guests, featuring an open plan kitchen and living area, as well as a shower room. 

The development also aims to be eco-friendly, with solar panels installed on each pod for off-grid operation and electric underfloor heating mats to provide warmth.

The site is expected to open year-round, offering a unique lodging option for visitors to Bennachie. It is hoped that the glamping pods will help to draw more tourists to rural Aberdeenshire, contributing to the local economy and promoting the natural beauty of the area.

As preparations for the new glamping site get underway, visitors and locals alike are encouraged to stay informed about the project and its progress. The development aims to strike a balance between providing modern amenities and preserving the historical and natural landscape of Bennachie.

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