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News for December 2, 2023

Flintshire: The Premier Camping Destination Receives “Best Place to Camp in UK” Title

Flintshire, a picturesque county in North Wales, has recently been crowned the ‘Best Place to Camp in the UK’ by holidaymakers on Pitchup.com. This accolade is not just a title; it’s a reflection of the county’s unparalleled offerings to campers and outdoor enthusiasts.

The North Wales county didn’t just win this title by chance. It excelled in various categories on Pitchup.com, including overall satisfaction, location, quality, and facilities. 

Flintshire’s rich history, dotted with majestic castles and abbeys, coupled with signs of its former mining heritage, makes it a camper’s paradise, according to The Leader.

But Flintshire’s appeal doesn’t end with its history. The county boasts vast, rugged open spaces, making it a haven for activities like walking, cycling, and even water sports on the River Dee. The River Dee, with its serene flow, offers a tranquil setting for campers to relax and engage in various water activities.

“Flintshire has something for everyone,” said Dan Yates of Pitchup.com From its historical landmarks to its natural beauty, Flintshire promises a unique camping experience.

Moreover, the towns and villages in Flintshire enhance the camping experience. Known for their warm hospitality, they serve fantastic local produce, ensuring campers get a taste of authentic Welsh cuisine. 

This blend of nature, history, and local flavors makes Flintshire the ultimate camping destination.

Wales, in its entirety, has been a favorite among campers. Its rugged beauty, diverse landscapes, and welcoming locales make it a top choice for those looking to connect with nature. 

Flintshire, with its recent recognition, has further solidified Wales’ position as a premier camping destination.


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Mau Mendoza

Mau Mendoza

Mauro Mendoza, a content writer for Modern Campground since 2022, boasts a journalism degree and extensive experience in writing and blogging. With dozens of articles on campgrounds, RV parks, and glamping resorts under his belt, Mauro's expertise in outdoor hospitality is evident. He aspires to launch his own blog, sharing his insights and passions with a wider audience. When not crafting engaging content, Mauro enjoys video games, movies, and sports, or playfully teasing his dog, who he's convinced believes it's human.
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