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Exploring Scotland’s Natural Beauty: Forestry and Land Scotland Extends ‘Stay the Night’ Scheme

Scotland’s majestic landscapes have long been a draw for nature enthusiasts and travelers. In a significant move, Forestry and Land Scotland (FLS) has extended its ‘Stay the Night’ scheme, allowing motorhomes and campervans to park overnight in select forest car parks during the winter. 

This initiative marks a pivotal step in promoting sustainable tourism and accessibility to Scotland’s natural wonders.

The ‘Stay the Night’ scheme, initially a summer offering, has now been extended to include the winter months. This extension reflects FLS’s commitment to enhancing the outdoor experience in Scotland, catering to the growing interest in self-contained, leisurely travel.

Participation in the ‘Stay the Night’ scheme is subject to specific requirements. It is designed exclusively for self-contained motorhomes and campervans, which must include accommodation and toilet facilities. 

This stipulation ensures that the natural beauty of Scotland’s forests is preserved and that all travelers have a comfortable and self-sufficient stay, as reported by Van Life Matters.

The scheme also imposes restrictions on vehicle size. While welcoming a broad range of campervans and motorhomes, only a limited number of participating car parks can accommodate larger vehicles, such as those over 7 meters in length, and caravans. This consideration is crucial for maintaining the integrity and accessibility of the forest car parks.

The operational details of the scheme are straightforward yet essential for a harmonious experience. Visitors can stay for one night only, between 6 pm and 10 am, and are required to adhere to a 48-hour no-return policy to the same car park. This policy is in place to ensure fair access for all visitors and to prevent overuse of the facilities.

Parking and safety are paramount. Visitors must park safely, maintaining a distance of at least 4 meters from neighboring vehicles. This spacing is not only for safety but also for preserving the tranquility and natural setting of the forest car parks. Blocking other vehicles, gates, or trails is strictly prohibited, as is parking on verges.

The ‘Stay the Night’ scheme operates on a first-come, first-served basis, emphasizing the need for visitors to plan their trips with flexibility. Given the popularity of the scheme and the limited number of spaces in each car park, having an alternative plan is advisable.

A modest charge of £7 per stay is applicable, payable via the RingGo app or by phone. This fee is a small price for the privilege of staying in some of Scotland’s most scenic locations. Notably, Blue Badge holders can avail of the scheme for free, ensuring inclusivity.

FLS’s ‘Stay the Night’ scheme is not just about providing a unique travel experience; it’s also about balancing visitor convenience with environmental stewardship. The scheme encourages visitors to be mindful of their surroundings, to leave no trace, and to respect the natural habitat.

The local communities near these car parks have seen a positive impact from the scheme. It has brought in visitors who contribute to the local economy while being mindful of the environmental footprint. This balance is crucial for the sustainability of the scheme and the well-being of the local areas.

The feedback from visitors who have participated in the ‘Stay the Night’ scheme has been overwhelmingly positive. Travelers appreciate the opportunity to explore Scotland’s forests in a more intimate and sustainable manner. 

The simplicity and convenience of the scheme, coupled with the stunning natural backdrops, have made it a hit among campervan and motorhome enthusiasts.

FLS values this feedback, as it plays a crucial role in shaping the future of the scheme. Visitor experiences and suggestions are instrumental in refining and improving the scheme, ensuring it continues to meet the needs of travelers and the environment.

The ‘Stay the Night’ scheme is more than just a convenience for motorhome travelers; it’s a strategic initiative that contributes to Scotland’s broader tourism landscape. By facilitating easier access to remote and scenic locations, the scheme enhances Scotland’s appeal as a destination for sustainable and eco-friendly tourism.

The impact on local economies is significant. Visitors staying at these car parks often patronize local businesses, providing a boost to small communities. This influx of responsible tourism is a win-win, offering economic benefits while promoting environmental awareness and conservation.


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