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Council Approves New Glamping Site in Highbridge

Somerset Council has approved plans for a new eco-friendly glamping site in Highbridge, Somerset. During the public discussion prior to approval, the proposal received three comments, all from a single individual. The concerns raised included potential flood risk, increased traffic, and disruption to the local area.

The application, submitted by GCGP Properties in February, outlines the construction of five timber glamping pods, a fishing pond, a bird-watching shed, and vehicle and cycle parking. The proposed site is set at Redwood Farm on Withy Road in East Huntspill, southwest of the village.

According to the planning statement, the project aims to blend seamlessly with the rural landscape, using natural materials for the glamping pods. Additionally, each pod will feature a decked area offering scenic views over the surrounding countryside.

Another aspect of the proposal is its focus on eco-tourism. The applicant stated that the proposal aims to attract visitors interested in the area’s wildlife habitats and bird-watching opportunities, as well as those seeking active holidays such as walking, cycling, and fishing.

“This is a different tourism market to those who seek traditional coastal resorts,” the applicant indicated, as reported by Burnham & Highbridge Weekly News on June 6.

Flood risk was also a significant consideration during the planning process, given the site’s location within Flood Zone 3. However, the developers’ Flood Risk Assessment showed that the Sequential and Exceptions Tests were met.

The executive director of climate and place for the Sedgemoor region reviewed the application and granted permission, noting that the developers have up to three years to commence work on the site.

The approval of the glamping site in Highbridge highlights the importance of integrating environmentally-friendly practices in development plans. By using natural materials and designing structures that blend with the rural landscape, developers and glamping owners can create sustainable accommodations that appeal to eco-conscious travelers.

Furthermore, the case underscores the importance of a thorough and strategic planning process, particularly in areas vulnerable to environmental risks such as flooding. For future developments, prioritizing detailed risk assessments can help mitigate these risks.

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