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News for November 29, 2023

Camping Makes You Happy, Says Study By Camping & Caravanning Club

A new and significant study conducted by the UK’s Camping and Caravanning Club alongside academics from Liverpool John Moores University and Sheffield Hallam University has revealed that camping in the great outdoors makes people feel more content and more connected to nature and enhances their overall well-being.

The Outjoyment Report surveyed almost 11,000 campers and non-campers to determine their opinions on all types of camping, which includes motorhomes, tents and caravans, and glamping units, according to a Camping Trade World report.

One of the study’s main results included the fact that 97% of campers believe that happiness is their primary reason for camping. It also found nearly 48% say they are having a good time almost every single day, as opposed to 35% of people who are not campers.

The study also showed that 93 percent of campers take the leisure activity of being outdoors, while 90% of campers enjoy it due to the health benefits and overall well-being.

Most campers claim they take advantage of camping to escape the pressures of their daily routine and, in turn, make them feel less stressed.

“The findings of The Outjoyment Report have never been so relevant as they are today,” said Camping and Caravanning Club Director General Sabina Voysey.

“Camping in all its different forms puts us on the doorstep of the great outdoors and provides a clear pathway to a healthier and happier lifestyle – one in which people appreciate nature more and are active outdoors. Given the many negative events that have been happening in recent times at home and abroad, anything that helps people to feel better about themselves and each other is vitally important.”

Professor. Kaye Richards, a senior psychologist at Liverpool John Moores University, says that camping brings people closer to the natural world and nature to the other, and the most important thing is to themselves.

She stated that the positive emotions resulting from outdoor activities help reduce stress and improve happiness and satisfaction in life. It’s not surprising then that the more campers there are, the more it will increase happiness and overall well-being.”

Professor. Adele Doran, a principal lecturer in the field of tourism Management at Sheffield Hallam University, added that campers appreciate an outdoor life style.

They engage in several outdoor camping activities, which increases their passion for adventure, keeps them physically active, and connects them with the outdoors. Campers are more in tune with nature than those who do not camp.


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