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Arnold Clark’s £23M Investment: 500 Electric Chargers Coming to UK Dealerships

Arnold Clark, a leading automotive dealership in the UK, plans to invest £23 million in the installation of 500 electric vehicle chargers at its branches nationwide. 

According to a report by motortrader.com, the company aims to address the growing demand for electric vehicle charging infrastructure in line with the increasing adoption of electric vehicles.

The “Arnold Clark Charge” network will provide customers with access to a secure, bookable charging system available 24/7. Larger branches will house eight rapid chargers capable of delivering up to 150kW, while smaller branches will have four to six rapid chargers installed. 

“Our customers won’t have any range anxiety when dealing with Arnold Clark because we will have a charging solution for them at our branches,” said CEO and Group Managing Director Eddie Hawthorne.

In addition to the charging infrastructure, Arnold Clark recently acquired Bumblebee, a Scottish-based electric vehicle charge point installer for homes and businesses.

“We’re delighted to welcome them to the Arnold Clark family. We want to help our customers buy an electric vehicle, but we also want to help them understand what owning, charging, and driving an electric vehicle is all about. Bumblebee is part of that strategy and we’re going to be supplying customers with our own EV chargers,” said Hawthorne.

The partnership with Bumblebee will bring innovative products to Arnold Clark’s customers, including the world’s first modular EV charging point. The company expects to become one of the largest independent charging infrastructure suppliers in the UK by the end of the year, with their network stretching from Inverness to Southampton and Liverpool to Milton Keynes.

As the electric vehicle market continues to grow, the RV industry is also taking notice. The demand for electric-powered recreational vehicles is on the rise, with manufacturers designing and producing electric RVs to cater to environmentally conscious consumers. 

The expansion of charging infrastructure, such as that by Arnold Clark, will greatly benefit the RV industry, providing accessible charging options for electric RV owners.

The development of comprehensive charging networks like Arnold Clark Charge has the potential to positively impact the RV industry by alleviating concerns about range anxiety and encouraging more people to consider electric RVs for their travel needs. 

As more automotive and RV manufacturers invest in electric vehicle technology and infrastructure, the transition to a more sustainable and eco-friendly future for both industries becomes increasingly achievable.


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