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33 New Glamping Pods Planned for Cumbrae’s National Watersports Center

The National Watersports Center at Ballochmartin Bay is set to be refurbished and have 33 glamping pods constructed following a bid from a prospective buyer. The site, unused since early 2020, is scheduled for upgrades.

The proposed layout includes a play area, an ice cream kiosk, campervan parking, and the refurbishment of the existing sports center. LMA Architects outlined these plans on their website, and they are available until July 7.

The glamping pods are designed to be triangular with a glass front and wooden decking. LMA Architects noted that designs are still in development.

Public consultation events are scheduled to gather community feedback. The first event will be held at Garrison House on July 1 from noon until 7 p.m., and the second on August 1 during the same hours.

“We would like to know your views on the proposals, what you think we should know about the site and the surrounding area, and how these points may influence the proposal on the site,” LMA Architects stated in their site’s development proposal.

The property’s asking price was reduced to £450,000 to attract buyers. The site spans 11.77 acres and includes four seven-bedroom residential chalets, a dining hall, a kitchen, classrooms, a gym, workshops, and storage space, along with land for potential additional development.

According to an article by Largs & Millport Weekly News, the sports center opened in 1976 and was initially listed for over £550,000. It hosted various aquatic activities, including windsurfing, kayaking, and sailing.

The center, operated by SportScotland, closed in early 2020 due to the first COVID-19 lockdown and has not reopened.

This development is part of a pre-application consultation process, meaning no formal application has been submitted to North Ayrshire Council yet. LMA Architects plans to submit their application in August.

The National Watersports Center refurbishment project highlights valuable insights, particularly in integrating new amenities like glamping pods to enhance property value and attract diverse outdoor enthusiasts. Additionally, the approach underscores the necessity of engaging with the community through public consultations to ensure proposed developments align with local needs and preferences, fostering a supportive local environment and smooth approval.

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