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UK Holidaymakers Warned of Benidorm Beach Rules

UK holidaymakers planning to visit Spain’s popular resort town, Benidorm, are being warned of a series of beach rules that could result in fines if not adhered to. As the summer holiday season begins, many are looking forward to enjoying the sun, sea, and sand in Spain. 

Benidorm, a hotspot for UK tourists, offers five beaches: Levante, Poniente, Mal Pas, Almadrava, and Tio Ximo. Free Wi-Fi is available at the first three, according to the BenidormSeriously website.

However, there are a number of rules that could incur fines if not followed at the beach. These include boozing, smoking, entering the beach between midnight and 7am when town contractors carry out the cleaning, and urinating in the sea. 

Fines can also be imposed for not putting a top on when leaving the beach to go to the bars or back to the hotel. Other rules include restrictions on placing parasols and towels to reserve space, playing ball games outside designated areas, swimming when the red flag is flying, and stripping off on a non-nudist beach.

The fines range from 150 euros for urinating in the sea or using soap and shampoo at the beach showers, up to 2,000 euros for smoking on the beach, as reported by BelfastLive.

Other fines include 750 to 1,200 euros for entering the beach (including swimming) between midnight and 7am, 1,200 euros for sleeping or camping on the beach, and up to 300 euros for not covering up when leaving the beach and going into the town. No barbecues or fires are allowed on any of the beaches.

Moreover, no sitting or sunbathing is allowed on the first six meters of sand nearest the water. This rule was introduced during the Covid pandemic and has been kept in place to facilitate easy access in and out of the sea, allow people to stroll along the shore without sun loungers getting in the way, and improve access for emergency services.

For campground operators, it’s important to inform guests about these rules to avoid any unpleasant surprises during their visit. As for campers, being aware of these regulations can ensure a more enjoyable and hassle-free beach experience in Benidorm.


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