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Mastervolt Unveils Innovative Mac Plus Models with Bi-directional Technology

Mastervolt, a renowned name in the realm of autonomous power solutions, recently unveiled its cutting-edge 36V and 48V Mac Plus DC-DC chargers. These chargers, equipped with the latest bi-directional technology, promise to revolutionize the way service and starter batteries are charged. 

This technology ensures that both types of batteries receive the power they need, either by using the charger as an input or output, guaranteeing a consistent and reliable charge every time.

Eric Lindquist, the vice president and general manager of Power Systems at Navico Group, expressed his excitement about the new additions to the Mac Plus series. He emphasized the challenges faced when charging service batteries of vehicles or vessels, such as voltage drops and insufficient charging. 

The Mac Plus DC-DC charger, with its revolutionary bi-directional technology, addresses these challenges head-on, ensuring both service and starter batteries are charged efficiently and safely. This technology not only guarantees a quick and consistent charge but also provides users with peace of mind, ensuring they have stable power whenever they need it.

The bi-directional technology in these chargers is a game-changer. Traditional chargers allow energy to flow in one direction, but the Mac Plus models ensure energy can flow both ways, according to a press release.

This means that the chargers can draw power from and supply power to the grid, making them especially beneficial for grid stabilization during peak demand times. Such a feature can also offer economic advantages, as users might have the opportunity to sell excess power back to the grid.

Furthermore, the Mac Plus chargers are designed with versatility in mind. They are compatible with a wide range of battery types, including lithium, and can seamlessly integrate with modern alternators. 

This ensures that the chargers provide constant power, even when the alternator is not active. Additionally, these chargers can be configured in parallel, allowing for increased power output when needed.

Another notable feature of the Mac Plus models is their resilience. Designed to withstand the harshest of conditions, they come with battery temperature-optimized charging and a robust aluminum housing that offers superior protection against dust and water. The power-efficient design of the Mac Plus also allows it to operate silently, eliminating the need for a fan.

For those interested in the technical aspects, the Mac Plus chargers come with several key features. These include new bi-directional technology, fast and safe charging capabilities, silent operation, compatibility with various battery types, and engine run detection to protect starter batteries. They also offer adjustable current limits and voltage stabilization to protect sensitive equipment.

The new Mac Plus models are a testament to Mastervolt’s commitment to innovation and excellence. With a starting price of $675, they offer a blend of performance, reliability, and value. For those keen on exploring more about Mastervolt and its range of power solutions, the company’s official website offers a wealth of information.

Mastervolt’s new 36V and 48V Mac Plus DC-DC chargers, with their bi-directional technology, are set to redefine the standards of battery charging. Whether it’s for boats, RVs, or off-grid systems, these chargers promise to deliver unmatched performance and reliability, making them a worthy investment for those seeking the best in autonomous power solutions.


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