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Sunny Nights Camping: A Fusion of Lithuanian Heritage and Hip Culture

‘Tis the sea-sun to go camping, and this campground in Lithuania has all the offerings that can brighten anyone’s day.

Only an hour away from Hill of Crosses, Sunny Nights Camping is where Lithuanian heritage and hippie culture meet. When at the property, guests will find a blend of traditional countryside architecture, nature, and hippie elements.

Featured image courtesy of Sunny Nights Camping

The campground in the Joniškis District flourished from a century-old post office into a serene respite with a lush apple garden. The atmosphere exudes tranquility and a sense of belongingness which gets amplified during Sunny Nights’ annual music, arts, and community event.

During the leisure festival, the campground indulges travelers in Lithuanian folk music while serving fresh-from-the-garden produce.

Featured image courtesy of Sunny Nights Camping

Camping at the property helps ease the mind of those who want to do some sol-searching. For a quick (or extensive) escape from modern life, accommodations to choose from are tent sites, RV pitches, and a guest house.

Featured image courtesy of Sunny Nights Camping

The campsite is equipped with showers and toilets. There are also common sewage facilities and water stations. The guest house radiates “flower power” vibes on the outside while still maintaining the cozy camping cabin moon on the inside. It has several private rooms and shared guest rooms.

Electrical connections, picnic tables, a playground, and recreation areas are found in the garden and parking.

Featured image courtesy of Sunny Nights Camping

There is a central area adorned in hippie embellishments, where camping guests can use the kitchen, spaces, library, wifi, and other amenities. A chair and table can be found on the porch where campers can sip their afternoon tea while reading a book.

Featured image courtesy of Sunny Nights Camping

Other common areas are a tipi and dome, where yoga classes usually occur. There is also a stage featuring a sun decoration where musical performances take place. Multiple firepits allow guests to spend their evenings gathered around the campfire with stories and good vibes to share.

For refreshing on a hot summer day, campers can spend the morning in the nearby pond with a sand beach.

Local attractions such as Mūšos Tyrelio Pelkė also provide walking trails where visitors can destress. Other notable spots to check out are M Žša Tyrelis Swamp, Synagogues of Joniskis city, Old Town of Žagar, and more.

Sunny Nights Camping’s offerings and uncomplicated approach to camping create one of the best outdoor experiences in Europe, showing that sometimes, less is more and simple is best.

Visit http://www.sunnynights.lt/ for more information on Sunny Nights Camping.

According to Lithuania Travel, camping and RVing are gaining popularity in countries like Lithuania. In a recent press release, the national tourism development agency said that campsites reported a 62% increase in outdoor-loving vacationers last year. Almost half of them came from different European countries.

Featured image from Sunny Nights Camping.

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February 23, 2024 3:55 pm

Hey, did you know that Sunny Nights Camping also offers workshops on traditional Lithuanian crafts and groovy culture activities like tie-dyeing and yoga? Plus, they have a laid-back community vibe where you can connect with like-minded travelers and locals alike. I find it awesome that they blend these elements together, don’t you?

April 19, 2024 7:34 pm

Isn’t it cool how Sunny Nights Camping in Lithuania mixes countryside charm with hippie vibes? It’s a chill spot for music, art, and good vibes. Plus, workshops, yoga, and nature walks add to the serene atmosphere.


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