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Under the Stars in Matera: The Enchanting Bubble Rooms Experience at Tenuta Danesi

In the serene landscapes of Matera (Italy), a city renowned for its historical Sassi, Tenuta Danesi introduces a novel concept of luxury and tranquility with its exclusive Bubble Rooms

Meticulously designed and set amidst the peaceful and natural beauty of the region, these accommodations offer a unique blend of luxury and connection with nature, promising an unforgettable stay that is both pleasurable and authentically relaxing.

Tenuta Danesi’s Bubble Rooms are not just accommodations; they are an experience. Each of the three exclusive and luxurious Bubble Rooms is crafted to offer a sanctuary of comfort and relaxation, ensuring guests are enveloped in a serene environment that allows them to reconnect with nature without compromising on luxury. 

Located 11 km from the Tramontano Castle in Matera, the Bubble Rooms are designed with private hot tubs, telescopes for stargazing, and exclusive amenities for guests to immerse themselves in a dimension of pleasure and authentic relaxation.

The rooms are not only a testament to luxury but also a nod to the enchanting natural surroundings, offering guests a unique opportunity to be enveloped in the tranquility of the lush Matera landscapes while enjoying the comforts of luxury accommodation.

Tenuta Danesi goes a step further in enhancing the guest experience by offering a wide range of services to make the stay even more special. From enjoying an aperitif in the room, indulging in a romantic package, celebrating birthdays, to savoring delicious dishes in their dining, every moment is curated to be special. 

Whether guests are looking for a romantic escape or a rejuvenating vacation, the Bubble Rooms guarantee an unforgettable experience.

The testimonials from guests who have experienced an enchanting stay at Tenuta Danesi speak volumes about the impeccable service, attention to detail, and the unique blend of tradition and modernity the estate offers. 

From splendid stays, cordial environments, excellent food, cozy, and well-heated rooms to the professional and courteous staff, guests have lauded Tenuta Danesi for providing a memorable and exquisite experience.

“We celebrated my daughter’s confirmation, what can I say: Everything was good from the aperitifs to the dessert, the service was excellent with our very professional waiter Massimo. Will come back next time,” Giuseppe S, a guest, wrote in a review. 

“Enchanting location where we decided to stay one night in a bubble room, a wonderful experience that I recommend everyone do at least once in their life,” Cristina Cry, another guest, wrote in a review. 

“Staff and director always available and ready to satisfy your every need. Courtesy, passion, dedication and attention to detail, these are the 4 characteristics that distinguish this wonderful location,” she concluded. 

As guests unwind in the bubble of serenity, they are not merely observers but active participants in a journey that intertwines luxury and nature, modernity and tradition, creating memories that linger long after the journey ends.

About Tenuta Danesi 

Nestled just a few kilometers from the enchanting city of Matera, renowned for its ancient and evocative Sassi, Tenuta Danesi stands as a beacon of tranquility and a testament to the rich Lucanian cultural history. 

The estate, not only immersed in typical Matera landscapes but also proximate to the well-known Jesce farm and related archaeological excavations, offers a unique blend of historic charm and modern luxury. 

The architecture, with its barrel vaults and an enchanting courtyard, recalls the fortified structures of the past, providing a nostalgic yet luxurious escape into Italy’s rich history and culture.

As guests immerse themselves in the bubble of serenity offered by Tenuta Danesi, they are not just witnessing, but becoming a part of a harmonious blend of history, culture, and modern luxury.


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