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Mayo County Council Denies Glamping Site Proposal Amidst School’s Concerns

Mayo County Council has recently made a significant decision that has caught the attention of both local residents and potential developers. The council has denied planning permission for a proposed glamping site at Shraigh in Belmullet, Ireland. 

According to an article by Mayo Live, this decision came after a strong objection from a local school board. The application for this glamping site was submitted in June, with the council making its decision in the first week of August.

If the project had been approved, it would have brought a new dimension to the local tourism scene. The site was set to feature five glamping pods, a toilet and shower block, designated car and camper van parking areas, an effluent treatment system, and a new entrance leading to the public road. 

However, the chairperson of Shraigh National School, representing the Board of Management, raised significant concerns. The school’s submission to the council objected to the development “in the strongest possible terms”.

The school board’s concerns were multifaceted. They described the proposed development as being out of place with the local setting. 

The potential traffic impact, especially given the site’s proximity to the school, was a major concern. Additionally, the board highlighted the lack of a flood risk assessment. This was particularly alarming given the steep nature of the proposed site. 

The close proximity of the site to both the school and local residences was another point of contention.

Drawing parallels with other regions, a similar situation unfolded near Newport. Plans for a glamping site were refused by the Isle of Wight Council due to concerns raised by neighbors. 

Such decisions highlight the challenges faced by developers in balancing tourism growth with local concerns. Zoning considerations play a crucial role in such decisions. Understanding local regulations and potential challenges is essential for developers looking to set up glamping sites, especially in areas that might be zoned for other purposes.

The broader community’s reactions to such developments are mixed. While some see the economic benefits and potential boost to tourism, others prioritize preserving the local area’s character and ensuring the safety and well-being of residents.

 The future of glamping in the Mayo region remains uncertain. With the council’s recent decision and potential shifts in public opinion, developers will need to tread carefully, ensuring they address all concerns raised by local stakeholders.

As the debate continues, it remains to be seen whether the decision will be appealed or if the application will be resubmitted. What is clear, however, is the importance of community involvement in such decision-making processes. 

The Mayo County Council’s decision underscores the delicate balance between development and preservation. As the world of glamping continues to evolve, ensuring harmony with local communities will be paramount.


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