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Donegal County to Provide Financial Support to Build New Camping Facilities

Keeping in mind the growth of the tourism sector in the region, Donegal County (Ireland) is supporting the construction of new overnight accommodation facilities through the Caravan, Camping, Campervan, and Motorhome Facilities Grant Scheme 2022.

The application process for private businesses is now closed, but the county is opening a second call only for voluntary and community-based organizations.

The deadline for applications is on June 30.

“As a result of recommendations set out in the KPMG Future Analytics Report into the Caravan and camping sector in Donegal, Donegal County Council will now provide financial support via the Caravan, Camping, Campervan, and Motorhome Facilities Grant Scheme 2022 for businesses to increase the number of overnight accommodation facilities for this sector in locations currently underserved in the county,” an announcement posted on Donegal County’s website reads.

A December 2021 Caravan Camping & Camper Van Study of KPMG cited the Irish Caravan and Camping Council (ICCC) who said that there had been a wave of demand for campsites in Ireland since the industry re-opened in June 2021. This can be attributed to the continued growth in the number of campervans in Ireland.

The 2021 study also stated that campsites were the least affected tourist accommodation type when the number of nights spent in European tourist accommodation dropped between April and September 2020. 

Under the grant scheme, the county will allocate a minimum of €5,000 with a maximum of €20,000 per application. For private businesses, the financial support is being offered at half of the actual costs.

To apply for the grant, the applicant must provide increased overnight accommodation options, including one-night stays (at least four spaces) to the caravan, camping, campervan, and motorhome sector in Donegal.

To avoid complications with existing campgrounds and RV parks, eligible organizations will be asked to outline the need for the respective project in the area. New camping and RVing facility providers will be considered in areas where the outdoor hospitality industry is currently underserved or where an existing business cannot serve the market.

Moreover, applicants will be required to charge a fee to campers for the services and must outline the respective charges to be imposed.

It must also be noted that the grant is not intended for building more static caravan or glamping facilities.

Those interested in applying may download the form (voluntary sector) here and email it to [email protected] by 4 pm at the end of the month.

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April 10, 2024 12:55 pm

Did you catch wind of Donegal County lending a hand to set up new camping spots? They’re not just offering cash but also giving advice to community groups and volunteers. How cool is that? It’s all about spicing up the camping scene in Donegal with fresh, eco-friendly ideas!

April 25, 2024 4:06 am

Isn’t it thrilling news for all the nature lovers and adventure seekers out there in Donegal? The upcoming camping facilities, backed by financial support, are set to jazz up the tourism scene and offer a one-of-a-kind experience amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Donegal County. How awesome is that?


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