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Greece and MasterCard Launch Campaign to Promote Sustainable Tourism

The Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) and MasterCard have announced a new joint communication campaign aimed at promoting Greece as a sustainable tourism destination to travelers from Australia and the UK. 

This four-month initiative seeks to showcase Greece’s hidden beauties and unique experiences, positioning the country as a premier destination for environmentally conscious travelers.

The campaign, accessible through the Visit Greece website, invites travelers to explore Greece’s diverse offerings while emphasizing sustainability, as reported by the Greek City Times.

“We are further developing our strategic partnership with MasterCard with a joint campaign focusing on the experiences visitors can enjoy in Greece,” said Dimitris Fragakis, secretary-general of the GNTO. He highlighted the organization’s commitment to sustainability principles, aiming to enhance the global competitiveness of Greek tourism.

As part of this effort, the GNTO and MasterCard have curated ten exclusive sustainable experiences tailored for MasterCard cardholders. These experiences cover various Greek destinations, including Athens, Paxi, Trikala, Astypalea, and Tilos. 

The activities are designed to immerse travelers in the rich marine life of the Greek islands, savor local gastronomy, and engage in cultural traditions, history, and art. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy activities like cycling, hiking, and kayaking.

To ensure broad and targeted promotion, the campaign leverages a variety of digital tools. Utilizing platforms such as Display, Video, Google Search, Native Ads, and social media, the GNTO and MasterCard aim to reach a wide audience effectively. 

This strategic use of digital media is designed to highlight Greece’s appeal as a sustainable and attractive travel destination.

This campaign is part of a broader effort to boost Greece’s tourism industry by focusing on unique and sustainable travel experiences. By attracting a discerning international audience, the GNTO hopes to strengthen Greece’s position in the global tourism market. According to Fragakis, the partnership with MasterCard is crucial in achieving this goal.

One of the campaign’s key messages is to encourage travelers to explore beyond the well-known tourist spots. Greece’s hidden gems, such as the serene island of Paxi or the cultural hub of Trikala, offer a different perspective on the country’s rich heritage and natural beauty. 

These lesser-known destinations are central to the campaign’s narrative, promoting a more sustainable form of tourism that benefits local communities.

The GNTO and MasterCard’s partnership is expected to have a positive impact on local economies by driving tourist traffic to these destinations. By promoting sustainable tourism practices, the campaign also aims to preserve Greece’s natural and cultural resources for future generations.

The Greece and MasterCard tourism campaign is set to attract travelers from Australia and the UK by showcasing the country’s sustainable and unique travel experiences. This initiative highlights Greece’s hidden treasures and supports the local economy while emphasizing the importance of sustainability. 

For more information, visit the Visit Greece website.

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