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LeadingCampings Embraces Digital Future with Innovative Leading Card and Website Revamp

LeadingCampings, an association of 38 independent luxury campsites across Europe, has embarked on a significant digital transformation journey.

The launch of the digital Leading Card this summer marks a pivotal step in this journey, replacing the traditional plastic card and offering a range of innovative features and benefits to camping enthusiasts.

The Leading Card, now a progressive web app, allows users to view collected bonus points and available premiums from anywhere. It also serves as a comprehensive guide, detailing each member campsite and providing essential information for holiday planning. 

This digital shift not only enhances customer experience but also aligns with environmental sustainability efforts.

In line with their digitalisation strategy, LeadingCampings unveiled a redesigned website earlier this year. Managed by Simone Pokrandt, the website combines the allure of a travel magazine with the functionality of a search engine, according to a press release.

It aims to inspire and evoke emotions, showcasing the diverse and high-quality options available for luxury camping holidays.

The website’s user-friendly design and multilingual support cater to an international clientele. It offers detailed information on various camping options, from family holidays to wellness trips, and addresses specific needs like accessibility and pet-friendly options. 

This digital platform is more than just an information portal; it’s a gateway to luxury camping experiences.

LeadingCampings’ member sites have introduced new facilities and services, including luxury villas, modern mobile homes, and XXL pitches. Emphasizing sustainability, they have implemented measures like photovoltaic systems and electric car charging stations, showcasing their commitment to environmental responsibility.

The digital LeadingCard is set to revolutionize the way guests interact with LeadingCampings. It not only offers a seamless way to collect and redeem points but also paves the way for customized digital offers, enhancing the overall guest experience.

Looking ahead, LeadingCampings plans to enable direct online booking of camping holidays through their website by 2024. This move will further streamline the holiday planning process and solidify their position as a leader in the digital transformation of the camping industry.

LeadingCampings’ digitalization activities, including the Leading Card and website relaunch, mark a new era in luxury camping. These initiatives not only enhance the guest experience but also demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and innovation. As they continue to evolve digitally, LeadingCampings is set to redefine the standards of luxury camping in Europe.

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February 23, 2024 4:21 pm

The considerate transformation and eco-friendly initiatives by LeadingCampings show a strong commitment to sustainability and enhancing guest experiences.

April 17, 2024 9:17 pm

Isn’t it amazing how LeadingCampings is stepping up its game with the digital Leading Card app and a spiffy multilingual site? They’re really upping the camping experience and going eco-friendly!

May 23, 2024 10:35 am

Isn’t it neat how LeadingCampings goes green with eco-friendly upgrades, taking camping luxury in Europe up a notch? Exciting news with direct online booking ahead, making it easier for us camping fans to plan our getaway at LeadingCampings spots. Can’t wait to try it out!


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