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EcoFlow Introduces High-Tech Alternator Charger for Adventurers

EcoFlow has launched its new Alternator Charger, aiming to transform the travel experiences of adventurers with reliable and rapid charging capabilities. Designed to harness excess vehicle alternator energy, the device provides an efficient charging solution, ensuring continuous power supply for RV enthusiasts, overlanders, and van lifers.

The Alternator Charger is equipped with an 800W power output and utilizes DC-to-DC charging, allowing it to replenish 1kWh in just 1.3 hours. 

This speed is significantly faster than traditional 12V cigarette chargers, addressing the increasing demand for accessible off-grid power in the outdoor community, according to a press release.

Connecting directly to a vehicle’s starter battery, the Alternator Charger allows for simultaneous driving and charging of EcoFlow power stations. This seamless integration ensures adventurers have unrestricted access to electricity without depending on fixed power locations or noisy gas generators.

Beyond its primary function as a charger, the device serves as an emergency jump starter and battery maintainer. According to EcoFlow, this feature helps enhance the longevity of the vehicle’s starter battery, providing peace of mind for travelers venturing into remote areas.

Craig Bilboe, EcoFlow’s head of UK & Ireland business development, highlighted the importance of this innovation: “With EcoFlow’s clean, quiet, and flexible ‘Drive & Charge, Plug In & Power’ solution, customers can easily store stable power while driving, enriching their travel experiences.” 

The device’s installation is straightforward, connecting directly to the vehicle’s starter battery. This design allows users to drive and charge their power stations simultaneously, mimicking home-like convenience and comfort on the road. 

Additionally, the Alternator Charger can back-feed the vehicle battery from a connected portable power station, further ensuring that users are not stranded due to battery failure.

EcoFlow’s latest product is positioned to meet the growing needs of the adventure travel market, providing a sustainable and efficient power solution. 

The Alternator Charger is now available for purchase on the EcoFlow website and Amazon.com at a price of €329/£329. As part of a summer promotion running until July 17, customers can avail significant discounts on bundle products.

The promotion includes bundles such as the Alternator Charger paired with EcoFlow’s DELTA Max 2000, DELTA 2, and DELTA 2 Max, with savings up to €300/£300. 

Additionally, discounted prices are available on various EcoFlow products, including portable power stations, solar panels, and smart ecosystem devices, making it more cost-effective for adventurers to gear up for summer explorations.

With the introduction of the Alternator Charger, EcoFlow continues to expand its suite of on-the-road power solutions, enhancing the outdoor experience for travelers. The company’s commitment to providing clean, efficient, and versatile energy solutions is evident in this latest offering, setting a new standard for off-grid power.

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