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Düsseldorf Caravan Salon 2023 Hailed as a Success

The Caravan Salon 2023, held in Düsseldorf, Germany, was more than just an event; it was a celebration of the caravanning world. Attracting a staggering 254,000 attendees from 65 countries, the event showcased the latest and greatest in mobile leisure.

Over 750 exhibitors from 37 nations displayed their innovations, spanning 16 exhibition halls and an expansive outdoor area. From the latest leisure vehicles to innovative accessories, the event was a treasure trove for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Bernd Löher, the newly elected president of the Caravanning Industrie Association Verband (CIVD), couldn’t contain his enthusiasm. He praised the event for its unmatched product variety and the vibrant atmosphere it fostered. 

For Löher, the CARAVAN SALON was more than just a trade fair; it was the heart and soul of the caravanning industry.

But what truly set the 2023 edition apart were the innovations on display. A show car, for instance, boasted an innovative space extension achieved through a lateral push-out sofa. This, coupled with a sliding and stow-away table, was a testament to the event’s focus on pioneering and space-saving solutions, according to a report by Camping Trade World.

The event gave an excellent atmosphere permeated the venue, marked by intensive dialogues and a robust exchange of information. Manufacturers and dealers alike reported positive interactions, further solidifying the event’s reputation as a hub of community and collaboration.

Looking ahead, the future of the caravanning world seems brighter than ever. With events like the CARAVAN SALON leading the way, the industry is poised for growth, innovation, and community engagement. As we anticipate the next edition in 2024, one thing is clear: the world of mobile leisure has found its home in Düsseldorf.

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Vera Light
Vera Light
May 5, 2024 7:58 pm

The Caravan Salon 2023 sounds like an absolute blast! The mix of showcases, workshops, and eco-friendly solutions must have made it a fantastic experience for all attendees. Great stuff!


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