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CMT 2024 Revs Up The World’s Biggest Travel Show With Thousands of RVs, Caravanning Inspirations

For 10 days in January, the Stuttgart Trade Fair Center in Germany becomes a hub for wanderlust as CMT 2024 opens its doors. The world’s largest consumer show for tourism and leisure to run from January 13-21 will showcase destinations and motorhomes to spark inspiration for travelers’ next adventure.

This year, the major travel fair boasts an impressive participation of 1,300 exhibitors and features over 1,200 recreational vehicles, according to a press release.

Aside from an array of motorhomes and recreational vehicles, the fair will also feature solar power systems, awnings, and accessories.

Visitors will also find comprehensive information about campsites, pitches, and the most interesting international and regional destinations for upcoming vacations. These places, from local gems to international hotspots, are not just about breathtaking views but also ideal for caravanning holidays.

Among the fair’s stands, visitors will also find many tips for visiting distant destinations such as Taiwan, Malawi, Slovenia, and Korea, as well as closer locations within Germany, like the southwestern region of Baden-Württemberg, known for its culinary delights.

A special highlight of this year’s fair is the “Love the Philippines” campaign, an extensive exhibition dedicated to showcasing the culture and natural beauty of the Philippines. This campaign allows visitors to immerse themselves in the fascinating country and its culinary delights.

Each weekend of the fair is dedicated to specific travel themes. The first weekend focuses on outdoor holidays, including walking and cycling, with opportunities to test various bicycle models and discover the right equipment for every type of excursion. The second weekend is dedicated to active holidays, with a focus on golf, wellness, and cruises. 

Visitors can explore a range of products and services in these categories, from golf equipment to wellness retreats, and learn about offerings from leading shipping companies and specialized organizers in Antarctic expeditions, yacht charters, and river cruises.

For those seeking inspiration and expert guidance for their next journey, CMT 2024 delivers a world of opportunities. The Stuttgart fair invites travelers to discover new horizons, whether close to home or far across the globe.

To learn more, visit messe-stuttgart.de/cmt/en.

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April 9, 2024 8:58 am

Let’s rev up those wanderlust engines at CMT 2024! It’s like this awesome playground for travel buffs like us. Imagine diving into a world of RV magic, dreamy campsites, and cultural adventures that are pure fire for our next epic journey! So ready for this!

John Clark
John Clark
May 6, 2024 8:21 am

Isn’t it exciting to explore sustainable travel trends at CMT 2024, checking out eco-friendly RVs and picking up tips for responsible tourism? Plus, diving into unique destinations and travel experiences!


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