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News for November 28, 2022

CIVD Encourages German Destination To Focus On Caravanning


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The Caravanning Industrie Verband (CIVD) encourages destinations in Germany to focus on catering kinds of tourists involved in the caravanning market since it holds a strong level and future potential.

Motorhome users and caravanners generated approximately €15 billion for tourist regions in Germany last year, enticing the German caravanning association to call for more cooperation in developing services and infrastructure for this tourism segment in the country on German Tourism Day, according to a report by Camping Trade World.

Caravanning and camping are, most of the time, misunderstood drivers of development in German tourism. These activities garnered over 9.3 million overnight stays for the country, and in August 2022, it grew 14.7% higher than in the same month of 2019. 

Data shows that mobile vacations have become an even more essential building block for Germany’s future as a tourism destination.

“The enormous challenges such as Corona, climate change and the war in Ukraine have brought our own country back into the focus of travelers. There is great potential for sustainable development and value creation through tourism,” said CIVD Vice President Holger Siebert.

He said that for them to take advantage of the opportunity prudently and sustainably, various levels of the country must work closely together, from the federal government, the states, and the municipalities, to the destination.

“[They] should find a common path to this end, which we are happy to support actively with our know-how. That is our appeal for the German Tourism Day,” he said.

In recent years, the caravanning industry has experienced steady growth, with the number of leisure vehicles hitting the road at an all-time high. However, tourist capacities in the destinations have not increased at the same rate as the inventories of the vehicles.

Alternative locations that are distant from the popular destinations on the coast or in the mountains have become a focus. Rural or underdeveloped regions in terms of tourism have the chance to join the opportunities provided by the caravanning boom.

“With modern motor caravan sites, municipalities, in particular, can drive and shape sustainable tourism development on their own responsibility – and with easily plannable investment costs and very little space. A win-win situation for everyone involved,” Siebert said.

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