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News for September 28, 2022

Caravan Industry Becomes Driving Force For Germany’s Tourism And Economy


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The caravanning industry has brought valuable support needed to German businesses, becoming an essential sector for the country.

In a LinkedIn post by the Caravaning Industrie Verband e.V. (CIVD), it was revealed that holiday caravanning provided over 15 billion euros in sales to the German economy last year alone. The amount is a one-billion-euro increase from 2020.

CIVD sees holiday caravanning as an important sector that must be further developed because of its economic and tourism potential.

Germans are Leaning Towards Caravanning

A consumer opinion survey on caravanning in Germany for 2021, commissioned by the CIVD, shows that the number of Germans, who identify as caravanners, has grown by more than two million new adherents, to a total of 13.8 million. 

This figure represents a 16% increase in the past two years. Furthermore, approximately 1.2 million Germans have decided to buy a caravan or motorhome within the next one or two years.

The study also revealed earlier in the year that caravanning has gained a market share at the same time as the downward trend in the travel sector due to COVID.

A Solid Start to the Year

In the year’s first half, 55,202 new leisure vehicles were registered in Germany. This represents a drop of 12.2% compared with the record year of 2021 but still represents the second-best result in the industry’s history for this period, according to data shown in a CIVD press release.

The figures would have been higher, but faltering supply chains have been causing significant problems for the caravanning industry for more than a year. 

In the case of motor caravans, there is a particular lack of vehicle chassis, which is why the segment reported a minus of 15.9% with 40,985 new registrations. At 14,217 units, the caravan sector remained at the previous year’s level with an 0.8% increase.

The numbers, however, are still above the record figures from 2019 and 2020. With 17,485 newly registered units in the year’s first quarter, motor caravans recorded a decline of 8.3%, while caravans posted a 7.9% increase with 5,576 new registrations.

Demand For Caravans Stays Strong, Despite Challenges

Despite a lack of vehicle chassis, components, and an overall shortage of materials, both motor caravans and caravans topped last year’s results in January and February. The increase in caravans is a pleasing development, as this segment had suffered particularly from supply chain problems in the previous year. 

The course towards a new record for the first quarter, however, was halted in March. In addition to the ongoing problems in the supply chains, this was also due to the delayed Easter business, whose results will not be visible until April. 

Although the March figures for both motor caravans and caravans were in the red, motor caravans still achieved the second-best March result of all time despite all the hurdles.

“The faltering supply chains continue to cause the caravanning industry a lot of trouble. Dealers and customers are currently forced to wait longer for their vehicles due to a lack of materials and components,” said CIVD Managing Director Daniel Onggowinarso in a report. 

“Given these challenges, the new registration figures for the first quarter are all the more remarkable and proof that manufacturers and suppliers are pulling out all the stops available to meet the high demand for motor caravans and caravans.”

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