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DexKo Group Forms AL-KO Vehicle Technology Electronics

Multinational DexKo group is forming a strategic merger between CBE and Nordelettronica to build a new company, AL-KO Vehicle Technology Electronics S.r. L., according to a report.

AL-KO Vehicle Technology Electronics S.r.l. is an Italian company with a registered office in Trento. CBE and Nordelettronica are electrical and electronic systems suppliers in the caravanning industry.

CBE joined the AL-KO Vehicle Technology Group in 2018. It has two production plants in Italy and a third one in Tunisia.

The Group acquired Nordelettronica in 2020. It has two production plants: one in Italy and one in Romania.

The two brands share a track record that spans over 40 years. They serve as design partners to motorhome and caravan makers and offer various custom solutions for electrical systems on board that range from control panels to distribution boards, battery chargers to probes, sockets, switches, and even complete wiring for vehicles.

Nordelettronica is also a specialist in battery chargers used for scrubber cleaners, forklifts, and golf carts.

“With this merger, AL-KO Vehicle Technology is adding even more impetus to its growth and development in the electronics sector”, said Harald Hiller, President & CEO of AL-KO Vehicle Technology Group.

“The company will also further intensify the cooperation with AL-KO Technology Lithuania in the design and development of electronics. For the time being, we will continue to use CBE and Nordelettronica as product brands. They are both brands that are well recognized worldwide for their quality and reliability, present on a significant number of European motorhomes. A comprehensive after-sales service is, of course, provided.”

Management will remain the same and production continues at their plants. 

With the merger comes improvement in quality and production processes. Furthermore, improvements to supply chain optimization ensure steady supplies for customers.

This story originally appeared on AboutCampBtoB.

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February 15, 2024 7:51 pm

Isn’t it remarkable how the merger of CBE and Nordelettronica has led to the formation of AL-KO Vehicle Technology Electronics S.r.l.? This collaboration is set to revolutionize vehicle technology electronics, benefitting both customers and stakeholders.

February 17, 2024 4:32 am

Isn’t it thrilling to see the formation of AL-KO Vehicle Technology Electronics S.r.l. through the merger of CBE and Nordelettronica? This collaboration promises innovation and growth, amplifying the company’s technological prowess and expanding its market presence. Exciting times ahead!


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