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News for March 27, 2023

Experience Croatian Hospitality at Camp Omisalj, A Campground on Krk Island


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Beautifully situated on Croatia’s Krk Island and surrounded by everything it has to offer, Camp Omišalj is a paradise that can be reached through land, air, or water transportation.

Guests that want to try luxury island camping but prefer driving need not ride a boat or a ferry to reach the destination. Instead, campers can reach the property through the mainland via the Krk Bridge, Front Office Manager Valentina Kožarić told Modern Campground

Camp Omisalj spans around 11 hectares (about 27 acres) and offers a total of 300 camping pitches for tents, trailers, and campers.

Mobilne iz zraka
Photo courtesy of Camp Omišalj

Some pitches are close to the sea, while others are a few steps away from the body of water. Each also has water and electric utilities for campers’ convenience.

One hundred and thirty (130) mobile homes, popular holiday accommodations in Europe, can also be rented by guests.

“So it’s like a little apartment where people can [stay and] use [as] their home,” Kožarić shared.

IMG 1924
Photo courtesy of Camp Omišalj

Inside each mobile home, guests can enjoy creature comforts provided by two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a small kitchen, and one small living room. There is also a terrace to enjoy the sea breeze.

When it comes to food, Camp Omisalj has a restaurant where homemade food like fish pasta is prepared.

Photo courtesy of Camp Omišalj

Aside from cozy accommodations and scrumptious food, the luxury property has a store where campers can buy the necessities they forgot to pack and might need during their stay.

“You can just be here. Buy what you want and what you need here in the camp and [enjoy] the joyful day at the beach,” Kožarić told Modern Campground.

Camping in Croatia, the manager said, while often overlooked, can also be a luxurious and modern activity for families.

Sharing a conversation she had with her colleagues, Kožarić said most European countries don’t often consider Croatia when it comes to outdoor vacations.

“But camping is really a growing industry and a lot of money is in the camping [sector],” she said.

Most of the year, Camp Omisalj hosts various activities for both adults and children. The events, called “animations,” become really popular among families that the recent Halloween program at the location attracted over a thousand visitors to the campsite, Kožarić said.

IMG 2151
Photo courtesy of Camp Omišalj

Other animations include wellness programs every morning such as yoga, pilates, and aqua aerobics. Kids can also enjoy holiday activities and an open cinema.

While camping is a family getaway, Camp Omisalj also understands that parents deserve a beach day too while they still have the chance to relax, so the campground has a team that keeps the kids entertained while mom and dad unwind on the beach.

Bazen iz zraka
Photo courtesy of Camp Omišalj

Meanwhile, amenities offered by the holiday destination are multiple private swimming pools, a basketball court, an area for playing soccer, beach volleyball, a mini-golf course, an area for pets, and more.

Camping Omisalj gallery6
Photo courtesy of Camp Omišalj

Close to Rijeka, the campground has been completely rebuilt by the owners after acquiring the property in 2018. It is also open most of the year except for winter time.

Those interested can learn more about Camp Omisalj by visiting their website and checking out the campground’s map in partnership with CampMap.

Photo courtesy of Camp Omisalj.

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