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Belgian Tourism Thrives with Soaring Overnight Stays in 2022

According to the Belgian statistical office, December 2022 saw a remarkable increase in overnight stays in the country’s tourist accommodations, totaling 2,760,034. 

This growth reflects the revival of the tourism sector and its potential impact on outdoor enthusiasts, the outdoor hospitality industry, and both Belgian and international tourists, according to a report by Schengenvisa News.

In December 2022, 58% of tourists opted for hotels, while 15% chose holiday homes and apartments, and 14% stayed in holiday parks. 

Compared to previous years, the number of overnight stays in December 2022 was 39% higher than in December 2021, 320% higher than in December 2020, and only 1% lower than in December 2019.

The Wallonia region recorded 527,256 overnight stays in December 2022, marking a 20% and 236% increase compared to the same month in 2021 and 2020, respectively. However, it saw a 3% decrease compared to December 2019. 

This trend indicates a slow but steady return to pre-pandemic tourism levels in the region, offering outdoor enthusiasts and the hospitality industry a reason for optimism.

In the Flemish Region, there were 1,632,790 occupied beds during the same period. This represents an increase of 35% and 269% compared to December 2021 and 2020, respectively, and a 4% increase compared to December 2019. This growth suggests a positive outlook for the region’s outdoor recreation sector and the hospitality industry.

The Brussels Capital Region registered a total of 599,988 overnight stays in December 2022. This figure represents a significant increase of 79% and 948% compared to December 2021 and 2020, respectively. 

However, when compared to December 2019, the region recorded a decrease of 10%. Despite the decline compared to pre-pandemic levels, the data reveals a resurgence in tourism within the capital.

Earlier, the Belgian statistics office, StatBel, reported that in April 2022, the number of nights spent in Belgian tourist accommodations rose to 3,871,283. Nationally, the majority of overnight stays were in hotels, accounting for 41%, followed by holiday homes and apartments at 20%, and holiday centers and villages at 14%.

Moreover, StatBel revealed that during April 2022, the number of overnight stays increased by 120% compared to April 2021 and by a staggering 8,614% compared to April 2020. 

These figures demonstrate the rapid recovery of the tourism industry in Belgium, which has a significant impact on outdoor enthusiasts, the outdoor hospitality industry, and Belgian and international tourists.


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