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Council Approves New Campground in RM of McKillop Despite Strong Opposition

In a final vote of 5-2, the Council in the Rural Municipality of McKillop (Saskatchewan) approved Pam Macpheat’s campground after a three-year-long approval process.

“I am ecstatic actually. It’s a long time waiting, and honestly, both the RM has done their due diligence, and I have too. I think this is good for everybody, and I’m glad it’s moving forward,” Macpheat said.

According to a report, while Macpheat expressed her excitement and gratitude towards the decision, the neighboring resort village of Glen Harbour strongly opposed the development

Many residents of Glen Harbour voiced their concerns during a public hearing on February 7, citing issues such as parking, overcrowding of the beach and boat launch, trespassing, and increased crime and noise.

Despite the concerns raised, Councilors Don Whitrow, Garry Gilbert, and Mark Strong voted in favor of the development, citing benefits such as low maintenance costs, increased tax revenue, and strategic location. 

Meanwhile, Councilors Luke Wild and Howard Arndt, who represented the agricultural division, voted against the development.

Reeve Bob Schmidt stated that he did not anticipate the RM receiving many more campground applications due to the future development at Rowan’s Ravine Provincial Park. With only a mile of gravel road that would require maintenance, Schmidt believed the campground would be a mature and quieter addition to the area.

Similarly, Councilor Bruce Bondar acknowledged the concerns of Glen Harbour residents but ultimately voted in favor of the development.

The decision to approve the campground is significant for private campground owners and operators in the nearby area. With limited commercial development, taxes remain high, making the approval of this campground a welcomed addition to the area. However, it is essential for owners and operators to ensure they are taking into account the concerns raised by neighboring communities during the approval process.

In addition, owners and operators must consider the impact of their developments on the environment and surrounding communities. Sustainable business practices and eco-friendly products and services are becoming increasingly important to consumers, and owners and operators who prioritize these practices may see increased interest from potential customers.

It is also crucial for owners and operators to have effective marketing and branding strategies to attract and retain customers. With the approval of new developments in the area, the competition may become more intense, and owners and operators must find ways to stand out in a crowded market.

Ultimately, the approval of Pam Macpheat’s campground in the RM of McKillop provides both opportunities and challenges for private campground owners and operators in the nearby area. 

While the decision may lead to increased tax revenue and business opportunities, it is important to ensure that developments are sustainable, and environmentally friendly, and take into account the concerns of neighboring communities. By doing so, owners and operators can attract and retain customers and remain competitive in a growing industry.

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Timothy Reed
Timothy Reed
April 24, 2024 3:36 am

Let’s dig into how the new campground approval in the RM of McKillop could boost tourism and create jobs. It’s important to hear how they plan to tackle residents’ concerns for a positive community impact.


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