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Summer Fire Ban Affects Prince Edward Island Campgrounds, Owners Support Safety Measures

With summer approaching, Prince Edward Island’s (P.E.I., Canada) campgrounds are set to see some significant changes. 

The province has implemented a broad-ranging outdoor fire ban in an attempt to prevent potential environmental damage. The prohibition, set to last until June 25, covers all outdoor fires from burning brush to traditional campfires.

The news may affect the summer plans of countless camping enthusiasts, but the emphasis from campground owners has been on understanding and compliance. 

Among them, Tanya Calver, co-owner of All Points East Campground, expressed her support for the decision. 

Calver, who was not taken aback by the announcement, said, “My first thought was this makes sense because we haven’t had rain,” she said. And seeing the destruction in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. I was like, ‘Oh, we don’t want that to happen here.'”

Despite the central role campfires play in the traditional camping experience, Calver has been proactive in advising visitors against starting fires. 

She stated that the main priority is safety, even though it means potential disappointment for campers and revenue losses for the campground.

“It’s a disappointment, but I mean it’s a safety thing, so what are we going to do?” she said. 

However, not all see the fire ban as a significant disruption to camping plans. Brandon Worth, the general manager of Twin Shores Campground, feels that the ban won’t mar the camping experience for the Islanders.

“I don’t think a fire ban would cancel someone’s trip. You would have to be a pretty hardcore campfire fanatic to let that ruin your whole vacation,” Worth stated, suggesting that campers consider the alternative of propane fire pits, a common sight at the campground.

According to Worth, the fire ban might even encourage a new trend among the camping community, with increased adoption of propane fire pits until the prohibition is lifted.

The shared sentiment among the campground owners is clear: while the ban may temporarily affect the camping experience and impact their revenues, it is a necessary measure to prevent environmental catastrophes and ensure the safety of the camping community.

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Paul Howard
Paul Howard
February 15, 2024 6:34 pm

Isn’t it interesting that some campgrounds on Prince Edward Island are considering using propane fire pits to ensure campers have a safe and enjoyable outdoor experience during the summer fire ban? It’s nice to hear that owners are also planning alternative activities to enhance the camping experience.

March 20, 2024 8:01 am

The summer fire ban in Prince Edward Island campgrounds is all about staying safe and finding cool new ways to enjoy the outdoors. Owners and campers are teaming up to make sure we’re having fun while watching out for the environment. What do you think of these changes?


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