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Enhanced Shoreline Protection Set for Two Western P.E.I. Parks This Winter

This winter, two provincial parks in western Prince Edward Island (Canada) are slated for significant shoreline protection enhancements, a move that underscores the region’s commitment to preserving its natural recreational spaces and supporting the outdoor recreation industry, a CBC News report highlighted.

Cedar Dunes Provincial Park, known for its proximity to the iconic West Point lighthouse, is poised to receive two new offshore reefs. These additions are part of a broader initiative to safeguard the park’s coastline, which has been increasingly vulnerable to severe weather events.

Brian Thompson, director of Land and Environment at the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure, emphasized the critical role played by the existing offshore reefs during post-tropical storm Fiona. “Those offshore reefs are making an incredible difference at West Point-Cedar Dunes,” Thompson said. If our reefs were not in place at that time, we estimate that about 50 percent of the Cedar Dunes campground would have been seriously impacted, if not lost.

The province secured funding for the Cedar Dunes reefs in 2021, with the upcoming installation of the additional reefs estimated to cost around CA$1 million. This investment reflects the province’s dedication to protecting its coastal infrastructure, which is vital for the thriving outdoor recreation and hospitality sectors.

“The project and our work is all about using a nature-based approach to restore and maintain the sand beach and the dune system,” Thompson explained. “That in turn protects the valuable infrastructure located on the landward side of that dune system.”

Meanwhile, Jacques Cartier Provincial Park, located northeast of Alberton, will also see upgrades to its shoreline protection. The park had previously utilized stone from the Trans-Canada Highway realignment through Bonshaw to fortify its shoreline in 2014. Following damage from storm surge during Fiona, additional reinforcement is necessary.

Thompson highlighted the potential risks of inaction, estimating that 12 of the park’s 96 campsites and a kilometer of shoreline could be lost in the event of another storm of Fiona’s magnitude. The restoration work at Jacques Cartier, estimated to cost around CA$250,000, is expected to be completed early in the new year.

These shoreline protection efforts are not only crucial for the preservation of the parks themselves but also for the broader outdoor recreation industry in Prince Edward Island. Nearby ampgrounds, glamping sites, and RV parks rely on the natural beauty and stability of these coastal areas to attract visitors.

The enhancements at Cedar Dunes and Jacques Cartier parks will likely boost visitor confidence in the safety and longevity of these popular outdoor destinations. This, in turn, can lead to increased tourism and business opportunities for local campground and outdoor hospitality operators.

As Prince Edward Island continues to enhance its outdoor recreational spaces, these projects at Cedar Dunes and Jacques Cartier parks serve as a testament to the region’s commitment to preserving its natural assets. This not only benefits the environment but also bolsters the outdoor hospitality and recreation industry, crucial components of the island’s economy and community well-being.

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March 13, 2024 11:22 pm

Curious about the cool stuff happening at Cedar Dunes and Jacques Cartier Provincial Park? They’re boosting protection and offering neat educational programs. Stay tuned for updates on winter plans for a safe, fun visit!

April 11, 2024 8:30 pm

Isn’t it great to see how these parks in Western P.E.I. are being protected from harsh weather? It’s awesome that new reefs and shoreline upgrades are keeping these spots beautiful and safe!


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